's Around the Horn: Signing Deadline

Before this year, teams had nearly a year in which to sign their draft selections before they returned to next year's pool. Now, ballclubs have just two months to do so. The past few days have been hectic as teams scurried to corral their remaining unsigned selections before Wednesday night's deadline, and has continuing coverage.

This smaller window has apparently given players more negotiating leverage over the teams, as several record-breaking contracts were signed.  Teams generally disregarded the Major League Baseball-mandated "slot" recommendations on how much money to offer draft picks from different positions, 

David Price, the first overall pick in June's draft, Agreed to a Six-Year Deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for $8.5 million.  Escalators in the contract could raise that amount to $11.25 million. 

Perhaps no team exceeded the "slot" recommendations for signing bonuses more than the Detroit Tigers, who were Very Busy During the Final Days of the draft.  Rick Porcello made the biggest splash with his four-year, $7.28 million contract as the 27th player selected overall.

The Red Sox had mixed success on Wednesday, Signing Six Draft Picks above MLB's "slot" recommendations, though failing to come to terms with their second-round selection, Hunter Morris.

The Orioles proved that selecting a Scott Boras-represented player is feasible by inking 5th overall pick Matt Wieters for Less Money Than Most Observers Anticipated.

Neil Ramirez, the flame-throwing 44th overall pick of the Texas Rangers, told of His Intention to Sign hours before he made it official.

9th overall pick Jarrod Parker signed with Arizona for perhaps less money than the market dictated.  Find out what Parker thinks about some of the other first round deals in a Interview

A couple of days ago, Jay Zenz of attempted to prognosticate what would happen with the Phillies' Unsigned Draft Picks.  Find out how well he did.

Finally, Brian Walton of The Birdhouse reminds us that the August 15th signing deadline applies only to underclassmen, and that selections such as Nick Peoples, a senior from the Texas Longhorns, are still Free to Negotiate after the deadline.

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