Cards Post of the Week – August 19 through 25

Recognizing the very best post of the past week from our message board community of thousands of St. Louis Cardinals fans the world over.

As we do each and every week here at, we call out the best of the best - the "Post of the Week" from our Cardinals message board, this time for the week ending Saturday, August 25.

Here is the link to the Message Boards, of which there are several – for fantasy players, insider information for subscribers, general topics, non-Cardinals sports and more.

"Power in the Cardinals System" was a new thread started by "COVINGTONTIGER". A simple listing of 2007 Cardinals home run hitters across the entire system elicited 30 replies and counting as readers discuss the long-ball hitting prowess of Cardinals players.

A first-time poster, "ARCardsFan", began a new thread called "Looking at 2008…". This allowed a number of readers to weigh in on which players may be staying and which could be sent packing in the upcoming off-season.

Two posters had especially noteworthy comments on page one of the 2008 thread linked to above. They include regulars "KylMss" and "C2kSeven". The latter listed both the 2008 and 2009 projected roster as a bonus. KylMss did a nice analysis of the position players, listing his favored roster and explaining why.

As a result, "KylMss" is our weekly winner of the "Post of the Week". "KylMss" collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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