The Baseball GM & the Scouting of Players

This week the Birdhouse at, will begin a four-part series, exploring the world of the baseball General Manager and the scouting of players.

This series is being produced in response to a request (below) made by a reader and forum member after Mileur recently completed the completed the Baseball General Manager and Scouting Course offered by Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW).


Congratulations on completing your GM training course. Do you plan to write an article or two about this as I think it would be some great material? I think you could do a several part series on this to include segments such as:

1. The story behind you taking this course including how you found out about it, other similar courses you might have considered, where is the course and how much it costs and what others can do if they want to take the course. A few more details other than what was in the brief Birdhouse article about what is covered and how it is taught (reading, video, lectures, etc.)

2. Evaluating pitchers - talk about the things they taught you in this area including how to use and misuse statistics, how to evaluate from a scouting (visual) standpoint and how to balance the use of stats and visual evaluation. You could also include some insights you might have gained in regard to evaluating some specific Cardinal prospects.

3. A separate segment on evaluating position players to include the same info as mentioned above for pitchers.

4. A summary of what was learned regarding the business and behind the scenes job of the GM.

I think a four segment series such as that or something similar would be really enlightening and a great read.


In response to CariocaCardinal's request, this four-part series will begin on Monday, November 5, 2007 and will run for four consecutive weeks, concluding on Monday November 29, 2007.

The Baseball GM and Scouting Series;

Week One, (Monday, November 5) - A look at the Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) Baseball General Manager and Scouting course.

Week Two, (Monday, November 12) - Evaluating pitchers

Week Three, (Monday, November 19) - Evaluating position players

Week Four, (Monday, November) - The World of Baseball General Manager

Throughout the series, readers and baseball fans are encouraged to submit additional questions about scouting and the business of baseball to Ray Mileur at

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