Cards Message Board Poster of the Year – 2007

Recognizing the top poster of the past 12 months from our message board community of thousands of Cardinals fans the world over - "CariocaCardinal".

As we approach the close of 2007, it is time once again to recognize the best of the very best – the member of our message board contributing the most "Posts of the Week" from this past year from our Cardinals message board. This individual is being crowned our "Poster of the Year".

Of the last 52 weekly winners, eleven individuals earned Post of the Week recognition multiple times. Of the eleven, six were two-time winners and two others were three-time winners. Those two receive honorable mention recognition here. They are "easton714" and "SoonerinNC".

Our dual weekly winners this last year include this very fine group of posters: "Bokonon2" – who was also our 2006 Poster of the Year, along with "haltz", "irrigator5", "Sawatski", "SydneyDave" and "SkinnyPimp".

Two posters, "highrent" and "C2kSeven", were called out four different times during 2007. As runners-up, they each receive one week of premium access to, including The Birdhouse,

But only one poster was a five-time honoree. He is hereby named our Poster of the Year - "CariocaCardinal". He received weekly notice in January, February, March, April and October for a wide variety of topics that include merits and demerits of Mark Mulder's contract, minor league player picks and pans, possible reinforcements for the major league club and most recently, a formula to help rank and project which players might be protected from the Rule 5 draft.

For those who want to check back on all the winners, reference this thread on our Message Board "Post of the Week".

In recognition of an outstanding year of posting, "CariocaCardinal" collects another free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Keep posting, so next week, the winner can be you. And if you do it enough times, you can join "Bokonon2" and "CariocaCardinal" as our 2008 Poster of the Year!

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