Cardinals Winter Ball Stat Lines – 02/04

Looking at the results of three Cardinals players competing in the day three of the Caribbean Series. Jose Martinez went 0-for-3 in Aragua's first win.

Caribbean Series


Jose Martinez (Springfield) 0-for-3 with 1 sacrifice, grounded into 1 double play, and assisted in 2 double plays for Aragua.


Hugo Castellanos (Memphis) did not pitch for Obregon.


Aragua beat Obregon 5-0: link

Post game: link



D'Angelo Jimenez (Memphis) did not play for Licey.


Licey beat Aguilas 5-2: link

Post Game: link


Series standings:

1. Licey 3-0 (D'Angelo Jimenez)

2. Aguilas 2-1

3. Aragua 1-2 (Jose Martinez)

4. Obregon 0-3 (Hugo Castellanos)


Video interview with Licey coaches on Licey vs. Aguilas rivalry: link


Tuesday's games (February 5, 2008):

Aragua at Licey @ 3pm EST

Aguilas at Obregon @ 7pm EST



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