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This article covers the week ending Saturday, February 9.

"easton714" shared a detailed set of scouting reports on a pair of 2007 Cardinals pitching draftees, Deryk Hooker and Brett Zawacki, at the bottom of page one of the thread entitled "ss expert keith law".

At the bottom of page two of the thread "Cards tatoo", "forsch31" explains why he is optimistic about the Cardinals in the future.

A recent forecast in Baseball Musings about an increase in the Cardinals run production in 2008 led to considerable discussion. The thread "Cardinals Run Production Projected Up in 2008", included solid posts from "easton714" and "tenniseleven". The two discuss relevant comparisons between incumbent second baseman Aaron Miles and minor league prospect Jarrett Hoffpauir.

Our 2007 Poster of the Year, "CariocaCardinal", continues strongly in 2008, with a double-barreled set of contributions this past week. The first is an in-depth ranking of his top 25 Cardinals players from Latin America in the thread "Latin prospect review and rankings". Notable thread number two is called "Catching the Cardinal Prospect Waves" in which the timing of groups of position player and pitching prospects arriving in the major leagues are laid out.

In recognition of his multiple top posts, "CariocaCardinal" is our winner of "Post of the Week". He collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

Postscripts: First, a special "thank you" to community leader "fpslackers" for moderating the voting among readers for their own Cardinals Top 50 prospect list. It is now stickeyed to the top of the message board for all to reference. The complete list is in the first post of the 84 pages of comments. Kudos to all the voters, too!

While by definition, the Post of the Week comes from the public message board, subscribers also have access to a special, premium board. "6manfan" made an insightful post there which began a very interesting exchange among several posters. I want to share the start with everyone here. It refers to our recent article, "2008 St. Louis Cardinals: Team in Transition", and discusses a multi-faceted, multi-year transition.

"…It used to shock me to see how much turnover a team would have from one season to the next, so you're correct that there is always significant change. I have used the term "team in transition" to describe the 2008 Cardinals, so I want to define it as I meant it.

The firing of Jocketty and replacing him with Mozeliak are highly significant. The trades of Rolen and Edmonds are nearly enough to justify use of the term. Rasmus' arrival just about seals the deal. However, I think the transition will last two or three years, and in that time I expect that either Carpenter or Mulder will depart (maybe both) and Wainwright will become the Ace. La Russa probably won't be here more than three more years -- that would clinch it.

Rasmus is just the centerpiece of the new talent from the farm system. Over the next two or three years I think we will see Garcia, Perez, Anderson, Freese, Craig, Martinez, Hamilton and others (maybe Kozma) reach the majors. Some will become regulars for the Cardinals, others will be traded for new talent, but all will hasten the restructuring of the team. Isringhausen is good for a few more years, but someone will replace him within four or five years.

The current 40 man roster is good enough that I don't forsee a long downturn coming, but by 2010 they won't look much like the 2004 NL pennant winners. I am prepared to be patient, but the signs are that this team will be back in contention very soon."

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