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This article covers the week ending Saturday, March 1.

It was an unusual run of top posts on our board last week. Of the nine that made our list, seven of them came from just two posters. The other two were both on the same thread, called "NL Central predictions". On page one, "BobReed" and "nmc79" each offered up their prognostications, backed by solid supporting logic.

The biggest news story of the week for the Cardinals was not a positive one as Scott Spiezio's continued substance abuse problems led to an arrest warrant and a release from the club. On page three of the thread entitled "Cards' Spiezio wanted by California police - Released by team", "CariocaCardinal" offers a detailed assessment of the winners and losers (besides Spiezio).

"CariocaCardinal" also returned to an earlier subject, a formula designed to estimate the future value of Tigers' first-round pick Rick Porcello. In the latest enhancements, a parallel set of assumptions were put into place to compare Porcello with the player the Cardinals took instead, Pete Kozma. See page three of the thread, "How much is Porcello worth? - a quantitative analysis" for a pair of stand-out posts.

A poster often noted here, but amazingly a non-winner since September, "easton714", broke the pattern with four, count them, four noteworthy posts on the same thread. "Cards Looking at Weaver and Colon" is a thread that is now seven pages long and still growing. Back on page three, "easton" debunks the idea of "innings eater" pitchers. On the next page, he takes exception to the idea that new Cincinnati pitcher Josh Fogg should have been a Cardinal instead. Finally, in two posts on page six, he compares Cardinals starter Todd Wellemeyer favorably to former free agent Fogg.

In recognition of his four solid posts, closely shading "CariocaCardinal" with three, "easton714" is our winner of "Post of the Week". He collects a free four-week subscription extension to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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