Cardinals Minor League Training Camp Rosters

163 players and counting are currently toiling in St. Louis Cardinals minor league spring training camp. We have all their names!

61 St. Louis Cardinals minor league position players reported to spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida on Wednesday, March 5 with their first workout held yesterday, Thursday, March 6. Six more players were sent down from the big league camp Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Not to be outdone, 78 Cardinals minor league pitchers along with 18 catchers had arrived first, on Monday, March 3. Their first workout was held on Tuesday, March 4.

With 100 roster spots coming open on the Cardinals four full-season clubs in Memphis (Triple-A), Springfield (Double-A), Palm Beach (A-Advanced) and Quad Cities (A), well over a third of these players will eventually be put on the disabled list, released or re-assigned to Extended Spring Training (EST) by the end of March.

EST begins in April when the full-season clubs move out and will help to supply players for several of the short-season teams' rosters, augmented by newcomers yet to be selected in this coming June's draft, which amazingly is just 90 days away.

In reality, while the current count of 163 also includes the ten cut from the major league camp on Monday, March 3 and the six mentioned above, they are not yet the full complement of players who will eventually report to minor league headquarters.

There are 13 non-roster players still remaining in major league camp along with up to another dozen healthy players on the 40-man roster for which there will be no space. Together, the pair of sources could add another two dozen or so who will need to be reassigned to the minor leagues over the next three weeks as the big club slims down to the opening day 25-man roster.

As you scan the groups below, remember the Cardinals new plan for roster assignments this spring, hence all players are listed together at this juncture.

Left-handed pitchers (15)
Additon, Nick*
Bilardello, Davis*
Cardenas, Hector*
Daniels, Adam*
Fiske, Justin*
Furnish, Brad*
Garcia, Jaime*
Haberer, Eric*
Markray, Marcus*
Norrick, Tyler*
Riddle, Ryan*
Rogers, Joe*
Spade, Matt*
Stambaugh, J.D.*
Zuercher, Zach*
Right-handed pitchers (63)
Blazek, Mike
Boggs, Mitchell
Brazleton, Dewon
Broderick, Brian
Cairns, Jason
Carrasco, Armando
Chung, Jai Chul
Collier, Logan
Cooper, Michael
Daley Jr., Gary
Daman, Wayne
Degerman, Eddie
Dew, Josh
Diapoules, Mark
Dickson, Brandon
Dove, Dennis
Eager, Thomas
Fick, Chuckie
Garceau, Shaun
Garner, Brandon
Gonzalez, Dylan
Gonzalez, Marco
Gregerson, Luke
Hearne, Trey
Hernandez, Elvis
Herron, Tyler
Hill, Steven A.
Honel, Kris
Hooker, Deryk
King, Blake
Kopp, David
Leach, Tyler
Long, Clay
Maiques, Kenny
Maj, Jameson
Mateo, Jose
McCormick, Mark
Mikrut, Jon
Mura, Kyle
North, Matt
Ottavino, Adam
Parise, Pete
Peralta, Senger
Pomeranz, Stuart
Rauschenberger, Cory
Reifer, Adam
Rosales, Andres
Sadlowski, Kyle
Salas, Fernando
Samuel, Francisco
Sanchez, Eduardo
Sanchez, Julio
Scherer, Matt
Sillman, Mike
Silva, Ray
Stitt, Brian
Todd, Jess
Tucker, Cardoza
Walters, P.J.
Webber, Nick
Wilson, Josh
Zawacki, Brett
Zimmermann, Bob

First base (9)
Arburr, Matthew
Brown, Andrew
Buckman, Brandon*
Ferris, Mike
Hamilton, Mark*
Morales, Osvaldo
Pelt, Charles*
Pupo, Carlos
VanSlyke, A.J.*
Catcher (21)
Anderson, Bryan*
Carpenter, David
Castro, Ivan
Cruz, Tony
DeLaCruz, Luis
Derba, Nick
Espinoza, Roberto
Gonzalez, Steve
Grossman, Chris
Guerrero, Henry
Haran, Gerard
Hill, Steve D.
Johnson, Gabe
Mulligan, Casey
Pagnozzi, Matt
Reyes, Christian
Sanzillo, Rob
Simonyi, De'nes
Thomas, Scott*
Vasquez, Paul
Yarbrough, Brandon*
Infield (26)
Bellazetin, Ivan
Bolivar, Domnit
Cartie, Brian
Craig, Allen
Descalso, Daniel*
Folli, Mike#
Freese, David
Garcia, Isa
Garcia, Jose
Greene, Tyler
Hanson, Travis
Johnson, Brandon*
Kozma, Pete
Landin, Jaime
Lucena, Juan
Marmol, Oliver
Martinez, Jose
McCoy, Mike
Nelson, Daniel#
Oeder, Ross
Rowlett, Casey
Salazar, Jose
Schweitzer, Jared
Solano, Donovan
Vera, Nick
Washington, Rico
Outfield (29)
Buck, Brian
Chambers, Adron
Church, Ian
DeJesus, Antonio*
Edwards, Jon
Fanning, Collin
Gibson, Chris
Gorecki, Reid
Gorsett, Luke
Groff, Will
Hage, Joey
Henley, Tyler*
Ingram, D'Marcus
Jay, Jon*
Jones, Daryl*
Kingrey, Charlie*
Marquez, Mateo
Mitchell, Travis
Peoples, Nick
Pham, Tommy
Ramirez, Jose
Rapoport, Jim*
Riportella, Beau
Roberson, Justin
Robinson, Shane
Rodriguez, Ryde#
Shorey, Mark*
Southard, Nate
Stavinoha, Nick
* left handed
# switch hitter

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