Cards First Extended Spring Training Invitees

44 St. Louis Cardinals minor league players have been invited to travel to Extended Spring Training camp.

The St. Louis Cardinals have invited 44 organizational players, including 38 from Latin America, to participate in their Extended (Minor League) Spring Training Camp in Jupiter, Florida that starts next week.

In past years, visa restrictions have limited the number of players any organization could bring into the US. However, baseball has been given an exemption by US officials that removed this bottleneck. The timing is excellent with the Cardinals' academies in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela beginning to yield more players ready to move up.

19 are position players, with the other 25 pitchers. Left-handers remain an all-too-rare commodity, with just two. Current ages are listed below along with a snapshot of 2007 stats. Though a few are older, the majority are still teenagers.

Augmenting these 44 will be those remaining behind from regular minor league spring training to complete their rehabilitation process in recovery from various injuries or build their skills. This group will likely include several major leaguers.

A number of the injured players, as well as some of the front-line prospects, may be tapped to (re)join one of the full-season clubs at any time as their health improves or others already rostered may require their own trip to the disabled list.

As extendeds wind down in June, a number of the more experienced players will receive the call to join the Cardinals short-season clubs. The top two clubs are Johnson City of the Appalachian League and Batavia of the New York-Penn League. Players selected in this coming June's draft will also play into that equation.

For others, especially the new players, their first taste of organized play in America may be with the second year's version of the Gulf Coast League Cardinals club in 2008. The rest will return home to rejoin the Cardinals' teams in the Dominican and Venezuelan Summer Leagues.

Initial St. Louis Cardinals 2008 Extended Spring Training Invitees

Position Players Pos Age 2007 2007 Nums
Cardona, Ismael C 18 VSL Hit .300 in 237 ABs
Castillo, Juan C 18 DSL Hit .292 in 192 ABs
Gomez, Edwin LF 20 DSL Nice .298/.439/.446 line
Hiraldo, Braulio 2B 19 GCL .202 avg. in GCL at 18
Lara, Edgar RF 19 GCL Decent at .256/.326/.500 
Martinez, Jairo CF 20 GCL .272/.350/.370 
Medina, David OF 19 DSL .226 in DSL
Moscatel, Kevin C 17 NA Big bonus as June pick
Mosquera, Juan SS 20 DSL Odd line: .299/.484/.338
Obregon, Ted SS 17 V/DSL .222/.339/.286 combined
Parejo, Frederick OF 17 GCL .203/.286/.229 in GCL
Pimentel, Luis SS Unknown
Puello, Melvin RF 22 JC .235/.257/.301
Rivera, Francisco OF 19 GCL Did not play
Rosario, Rainel CF 19 GCL .096/.203/.154 in 52 ABs
Ruiz, Romulo IF 18 GCL .190/.247/.241 in 137 ABs
Teran, Kleininger IF 18 VSL .267/.389/.342 line
Toribio, Guillermo SS 21 GCL .257/.389/.287 in GCL
Alvarez, Hector SS 21 JC/GCL .118/.167/.118 in 34 ABs
Arredondo, Jose RHS 20 JC 3.04 ERA 41K/14BB 56IP
Calero, Jose RHS 18 VSL 6.39 ERA 31BB 49IP
Castillos, Richard RHS 18 VSL 1.72 ERA 60K 62IP
Cruz, Angel RHS 19 DSL 41K 40IP
Diaz, Omar RHS 20 VSL 49K 29BB 59IP
Gonzalez, Carlos RHR 19 GCL .217 OBA 47K 49IP
Gonzalez, Reynier RHS 19 JC/GCL 1.94 ERA 43K 21BB 49IP
Javier, Omar RHS 20 JC 30K 30BB 51IP 6.66 ERA
Marquez, Fabian RHS 21 GCL 25BB 32IP 5.01 ERA
Martinez, Gustavo RHS 19 GCL 9.39 ERA 13BB 15IP
Mendoza, Wladimir LHS 21 JC/GCL 22K 26BB 17IP 6.88 ERA
Muñoz, Orlando RHS 18 VSL 20K 21BB 29IP 3.34 ERA
Nieto, Arquidemes RHS 18 DSL 56K 13BB 59IP 2.73 ERA
Ortiz, Pablo RHS 19 GCL GO/AO 1.87 .304 OBA
Peñaloza, Jose RHS 19 VSL 18K 26BB 30IP
Pichardo, Joel RHS 20 JC/GCL 1.83 ERA 29IP
Rada, Jose RHS 19 GCL 5.51 ERA .338 OBA
Rondon, Jorge RHS 19 VSL GO/AO 1.54 .321 OBA
Santos, Randy RHS 19 DSL 66K 64IP .220 OBA
Tapia, Angel RHR 20 DSL 57K 59IP .233 OBA
Lugo, Rigoberto RHP 18 GCL 17K 19BB 19IP 6.98 ERA
Mayes, LaCurtis RHP 19 JC 18K 20BB 23IP .323 OBA
Delgado, Ramon RHP 21 GCL Only 10IP .225 OBA
Fritsche, Josh LHP 23 BAT 19K 18IP .329 OBA 6 ERA
Russell, Zach RHP 18 GCL 12BB 7IP 49th pick 2007

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