2008 Cardinals Extended Spring Roster: Part 2

89 players swell the ranks of St. Louis Cardinals Extended Spring Training camp.

89 players have been invited to St. Louis Cardinals Extended Spring Training (EST) camp, now underway in Jupiter, Florida under the tutelage of camp coordinator Mike Shildt, the short-season coaches and coordinators. The roster includes four players who are on the seven-day disabled list of full-season clubs effective with opening day, Thursday, August 3.

A majority of these players participated in minor league spring training during the month of March, but rather than join one of the four full-season affiliates to begin the season, they were asked to remain behind and continue to play and progress.

44 players, predominantly from overseas, were previously invited to EST earlier this spring and joined the holdovers at the start of this month. Here is the link to the earlier article with those names.

The entire list is presented here:

LHP Davis Bilardello
RHP Mike Blazek
RHP Eddie Degerman
RHP Mark Diapoules
RHP Brandon Garner
RHP Deryk Hooker
RHP Omar Javier
RHP Matt North
RHP Stuart Pomeranz
RHP Brett Zawacki
RHP Richard Castillos
RHP Jai Chul Chung
RHP Fabian Marquez
LHP David Riddle
LHP Matt Spade
LHP Hector Cardenas
LHP Wladimir Mendoza
RHP Chuckie Fick
RHP Dylan Gonzalez
RHP Reynier Gonzalez
RHP Jose Mateo
RHP Arquimedes Nieto
RHP Jorge Rondon
RHP Zach Russell
RHP Josh Wilson
LHP Josh Fritsche
RHP Rigoberto Lugo
RHP Pablo Ortiz
RHP Joel Pichardo
RHP Adam Reifer
RHP Jose Arredondo
RHP Jose Calero
RHP Ramon Delgado
RHP Elvis Hernandez (DL PB)
RHP Tyler Leach
RHP Jameson Maj
LHP Tyler Norrick (DL PB)
LHP Senger Peralta
RHP Mike Sillman (DL Mem)
RHP Omar Diaz
RHP Carlos Gonzalez
RHP Gustavo Martinez
RHP Jose Rada
RHP Eduardo Sanchez
RHP Randy Santos
RHP Miguel Tapia
RHP Angel Cruz
RHP LaCurtis Mayes
RHP Orlando Muñoz
RHP Jose Peñaloza
C Ismael Cardona
C Roberto Espinoza
C Juan Castillo
C Ivan Castro
C De'nes Simonyi
C Kevin Moscatel
C Paul Vasquez
1B Francisco Rivera
1B Carlos Pupo
1B Osvaldo Morales
3B Brian Cartie
3B Nick Vera
IF Hector Alvarez
IF Ross Oeder
IF Guillermo Toribio
IF Braulio Hiraldo
IF Ted Obregon
IF Romulo Ruiz
IF Juan Mosquera
IF Luis Pimentel
IF Kleininger Teran
OF Jon Edwards
OF Edwin Gomez
OF Joey Hage
OF D'Marcus Ingram
OF Jairo Martinez
OF Travis Mitchell
OF Brian Buck
OF Antone DeJesus (DL QC)
OF Collin Fanning
OF Mateo Marquez
OF David Medina
OF Nick Peoples
OF Chris Gibson
OF Edgar Lara
OF Frederick Parejo
OF Melvin Puello
OF Ryde Rodriguez
OF Rainel Rosario

Note: The original version of this article was in error, as the 44 early invitees to EST were double-counted. Thanks to reader Randy Wile for calling this to our attention.

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