Former Johnson City Cards Census: April, 2008

Though the 2008 Appalachian League season has yet to begin, our local writer Shawn Kerrick is already hard at work. In this article, he locates every former Johnson City Cardinals player still active in professional baseball.

When General Manager Chuck Arnold asked me if I had ever written an article about former Johnson City Cardinals, my first thought was "What a good idea!"  As a big fan of minor league baseball, I have always wondered who used to play for a team and where they are now.  When Chuck suggested that he could put it in the 2008 Johnson City Cardinals program, I was quickly sold on the idea. 


I have listed below, by the first year the player appeared on the Johnson City roster, the 109 former Johnson City Cardinals still active in organized professional baseball (including Independent Leagues not affiliated with a major league organization).  This list can change almost daily during the year and I cannot be certain that I haven't left someone off who deserves to be on here. 



MLB – Major league baseball (i.e. St. Louis Cardinals)

AAA – Triple A, one level below MLB (i.e. Memphis Redbirds)

AA – Double A, two levels below MLB (i.e. Springfield Cardinals)

A Advanced – three levels below MLB (i.e. Palm Beach Cardinals)

A – Single A, Long Season, four levels below MLB (i.e. Quad Cities River Bandits)

A Short Season –typical entry level for best college talent (i.e. Batavia Muckdogs)

Rookie – typical entry level for best high school talent (i.e. Johnson City Cardinals)

GCL – typical entry level for Latin American talent (i.e. Gulf Coast League Cardinals)

EST – Extended spring training, occurs each Apr – Jun, Jupiter, FL

C – Catcher

DH – Designated hitter

1B – First baseman

2B – Second baseman

SS – Shortstop

3B – Third baseman

IF – Infielder

OF – Outfielder

CF – Centerfielder

RP – Relief pitcher

SP – Starting pitcher

TSP – Tandem starting pitcher (A Advanced through GCL levels of Cardinals organization).



Dmitri Young (MLB – Washington Nationals, 1B)



Pablo Ozuna (MLB – Chicago White Sox, 3B)



Jack Wilson (MLB – Pittsburgh Pirates, SS)

Gabe Johnson (AAA - Memphis Redbirds, C)

Jason Bowers (AA – Altoona Curve, affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, IF)



Coco Crisp (MLB – Boston Red Sox, CF)

Chris Duncan (MLB – St. Louis Cardinals, OF)

Ben Johnson (MLB – New York Mets, OF)

Donovan Graves (Golden League – St. George Roadrunners, SP)



Chris Narveson (AAA – Nashville Sounds, affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, SP)

Shaun Boyd (Atlantic League – Bridgeport Bluefish, OF)

Jutt Hileman (Atlantic League – Lancaster Barnstormers, OF)



Yadier Molina (MLB – St. Louis Cardinals, C)

Tyler Johnson (MLB – St. Louis Cardinals, RP)

Rick Ankiel (MLB – St. Louis Cardinals, CF)

Joe Mather (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, OF)

Joe Rogers (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, SP)

Aaron Ledbetter (Frontier League – Washington Wild Things, SP)



Kyle McClellan (MLB – St. Louis Cardinals, RP)

Blake Hawksworth (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, SP)

Terry Evans (AAA – Salt Lake Bees, affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, OF)

Mike McCoy (AAA – Norfolk Tides, affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, IF)

Marcos Rodriguez (Can-Am League – New Jersey Jackals, OF)

Rich Scalamandre (Atlantic League – Newark Bears, RP)



Daric Barton (MLB – Oakland Athletics, 1B/DH)

Cody Haerther (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, OF)

Jason Motte (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, RP)

Brandon Yarbrough (AA – Springfield Cardinals, C)

Stuart Pomeranz (EST, recovering from injury, SP)

Jason Burch (A Advanced – Frederick Keys, affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, RP)

Justin Garza (Can-Am League – New Jersey Jackals, RP)

Matt Weagle (Can-Am League – Worcester Tornadoes, SP)

Kevin House (Golden League – Edmonton Cracker-Cats, OF)



Mark Worrell (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, RP)

Mike Sillman (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, RP)

Tony Granadillo (AA – Portland Sea Dogs, affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, 2B)

Matt Scherer (AA – Springfield Cardinals, RP)

Dan Nelson (AA – Springfield Cardinals, IF)

Chad Gabriel (American Association – Sioux City Explorers, OF)

Simon Williams (Frontier League – Kalamazoo Kings, OF)



Colby Rasmus (AAA – Memphis Redbirds, CF)

Cory Meacham, now Cory Rauschenberger (AA – Springfield Cardinals, RP)

Bryan Anderson (AA – Springfield Cardinals, C)

Jose Martinez (AA – Springfield Cardinals, IF)

Jon Mikrut (AA – Springfield Cardinals, RP)

A. J. Van Slyke (AA – Springfield Cardinals, 1B/DH)

Tyler Herron (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, TSP)

Donovan Solano (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, IF)

Daryl Jones (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, OF)

Kyle Sadlowski (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, TSP)

Shaun Garceau (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, TSP)

Josh Wilson (EST, TSP)

Brandon Garner (EST, TSP)

Tyler Leach (EST, TSP)

Steve Gonzalez (on personal leave from EST, C)

Charles Carter (American Association – Fort Worth Cats, OF)

Kevin Fitzgerald (American Association – Sioux City Explorers, RP)

Danny Borne (Frontier League – Windy City Thunderbolts, RP)

Reid Price (Atlantic League – York Revolution, RP)



Luke Gregerson (AA – Springfield Cardinals, RP)

Mark Shorey (AA – Springfield Cardinals, OF)

Brandon Buckman (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, 1B)

Elvis Hernandez (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, TSP)

Brandon Dickson (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, TSP)

Isa Garcia (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, IF)

Thomas Pham (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, CF)

Marco Gonzalez (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, RP)

Casey Mulligan (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, C)

Blake King (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, TSP)

Travis Mitchell (EST, OF)

Jon Edwards (EST, OF)

Matt North (EST, TSP)

Fabian Marquez (EST, TSP)

Melvin Puello (EST, IF)

A. J. Montano (Frontier League – Florence Freedom, RP)



Tony Cruz (A Advanced – Palm Beach Cardinals, C/3B)

Pete Kozma (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, SS)

Nick Additon (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, TSP)

Brian Broderick (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, TSP)

Beau Riportella (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, OF)

Andres Rosales (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, TSP)

Domnit Bolivar (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, IF)

Adron Chambers (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, OF)

Pete Parise (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, RP)

Matt Spade (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, RP)

Jose Garcia (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, IF)

Mike Folli (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, IF)

Charlie Pelt (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, 1B/DH)

Matt Arburr (A – Quad Cities River Bandits, OF)

Eduardo Sanchez (EST, RP)

Jose Mateo (EST, TSP)

Jose Arredondo (EST, TSP)

Nick Vera (EST, IF)

Paul Vasquez (EST, C)

Reynier Gonzalez (EST, TSP)

Chuckie Fick (EST, RP)

Ivan Castro (EST, C)

Osvaldo Morales (EST, 1B)

Joel Pichardo (EST, RP)

Joey Hage (EST, OF)

Omar Javier (EST, TSP)

Mark Diapoules (EST, TSP)

Roberto Espinoza (EST, C)

LaCurtis Mayes (EST, RP)

Brian Buck (EST, OF)

Hector Alvarez (EST, IF)

Senger Peralta (EST, TSP)

Dylan Gonzalez (EST, RP)

Wladimir Mendoza (EST, TSP)


Released During Cardinals 2008 Spring Training

Juan Lucena (2004 IF from AA – Springfield)

Eric Haberer (2004 SP from AA – Springfield)

Armando Carrasco (2006 RP from A – Quad Cities)

Jose Ramirez (2006 OF from A – Quad Cities)

Christian Reyes (2006 DH/1B/C from A – Quad Cities)

Logan Collier (2006 TSP from A Short Season – Batavia)

Rob Sanzillo (2007 C from Rookie – Johnson City)

Steve Hill (2007 RP from Rookie – Johnson City)

Ray Silva (2007 RP from Rookie – Johnson City)


Totals by Level

MLB – 11

AAA – 12

AA – 12

A Advanced – 13

A – 15

EST – 30

Independent – 16

Total – 109


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