Quad Cities River Bandits Report: 05/08/08

Our Scout.com Quad Cities beat reporter Jon P. returns with his weekly report on the St. Louis Cardinals A-level Midwest League club. This week, we feature an interview with a recent returnee, pitcher Chuckie Fick.

It was a strange week for the River Bandits. As the waters of the Mississippi River started to recede, the team left for a six-game road trip. It's difficult to speculate, but it seemed like their rhythm was off all week—maybe because of the way the trip started in flood waters. The River Bandits went 1-4 and were mercifully rained out the final night of the three-game stand in Dayton.


There were also a number of roster moves that might have distracted the team this week. Shaun Garceau earned his promotion to Palm Beach and J.D. Stambaugh was assigned to Extended Spring Training. To replace them, Josh Wilson and Chuckie Fick were activated from EST. This is a return trip to the Quad Cities for Chuckie. Both of the guys who joined the team here acted like they were excited to be playing "real" baseball again.


This week's spotlight shines on one of the newest additions to the team, Chuckie Fick. I was able to catch him before a recent game for a quick interview:


Jon: Welcome back to the Quad Cities!

Fick: Thanks! It's great to be back! I like the new name and the new uniforms.


Jon: You know that I like to give our readers a look at you as a person, as well as talking about baseball, so let's mix it up. Where did you go to school?


Fick: Cal State Northridge


Jon: What part of your game are you working on to improve this year?


Fick: I'm really trying to improve my change up. I need that to be good so I can stick at starter.


Jon: What's your favorite color?


Fick: White. It goes with everything!


Jon: Who on the team do you think your playing style is most similar to?


Fick: I'd say Mike Folli. We both have a very smooth style on the field.


Jon: What time do you get up in the morning?


Fick: About eleven.


Jon: Favorite food?


Fick: Mexican! Carne Asada, man!


Jon: What's the best moment you've had in baseball so far?


Fick: It was draft day of course!


Jon: In what round were you taken?


Fick: I went in the 15th round last summer.


Jon: If you weren't a pitcher, what position would you want to play?


Fick: Definitely third base.


Jon: What's the worst thing about being in minor league baseball?


Fick: We just came from Dayton. It's got to be the bus trips!


Jon: After you finish your baseball career, what do you want to do?


Fick: I'll move to San Diego and surf!


Jon: What's your favorite holiday?


Fick: November 20.


Jon: Um, what holiday is that?


Fick: It's my birthday! Everyone loves their birthday!


Jon: Who is your baseball hero?


Fick: No doubt. It's my dad, Chuck Fick. He paved the way for me to have a career in baseball and showed me what kind of work it takes to be in this game.


Jon: Who's your non-baseball sports hero?


Fick: Gretzky, Wayne Gretzky. He's the great one.


Jon: I know you're single. Do you have a girlfriend?


Fick: Yes, I do. I'm not available, ladies!


Jon: What else do you want Scout.com readers to know about you?


Fick: Just that I'm happy to be playing for the Cardinals organization, following our family tradition and doing the best that I can.


Jon: Thanks, Chuckie, we're looking forward to seeing you on the mound soon.



Deal this week


It has been a rough week for the Bandits. It's going to be difficult to single out any individual. Of course, Shaun Garceau was promoted, which is great for him, but it doesn't help QC a lot. (That's one of the great dilemmas about loving minor league baseball—you want the guys to earn their promotions, but you want the good ones to stay and help the team win.)


Eduardo Sanchez was hitting the low to mid-nineties with his fastball for a few innings this week. He's developing more staying power.


Matt Arburr made a surprise appearance in left field after seemingly making his home at first base. This will be something to watch.


No deal this week


This list could be pretty long, but I'll just hit a few points.


Pete Kozma, Charlie Kingrey, Matt Arburr—all of the big bats—have seemed to fall off the plate this week. I hope they're back soon.


Deal or No Deal


I'll be keeping my eyes on Mike Folli and the two new pitchers this week. I want to see some real talent emerge from these three. With that, I want to see these guys take some new leadership roles and bring this team back together.



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