St. Louis Cardinals Lucky Seven Saturday

Ryan Ludwick's three-run home run highlighted a seven-run second inning in the St. Louis Cardinals' Saturday win, the eighth time the club has scored that many runs in one frame since the start of the 2006 season.

When the Cardinals scored seven runs in the second inning en route to an 8-4 victory over the Houston Astros Saturday night, it was St. Louis' largest single-inning offensive explosion of the 2008 season, now 64 games long.  In fact, it was the Cardinals' largest outburst in one inning since last September 8, 88 games ago.


With Ryan Ludwick having attended college in Las Vegas at UNLV, also the home of his older brother, former Cardinals pitcher Eric Ludwick, it only seemed fitting that Ryan would be the catalyst for Saturday night's "lucky" seven-run inning to help fold the Astros.


Prior to Saturday, St. Louis had scored seven or more runs in one frame seven times since the start of the 2006 championship season. Not surprisingly, the Cardinals are 7-1 in these high-scoring contests.


A summary of each recent big inning follows.


9/8/2007 @ Arizona
Cardinals score 7 in the third to take a 7-3 lead in a 9-8 loss
Looper starts it with a walk and ends it getting thrown at second on an RBI single
Big blows-Pujols 2-run triple and Miles 3-run homer

8/6/2007 vs. Padres
Cardinals score 10 in the 5th to take a 10-3 lead in a 10-5 win
Looper has two singles-second one on bunt-first started inning
Miles also has two singles
Eckstein drives in first run (1B) and last/10th (SF)
Started with 6 singles then 3-run homer by Rolen then HR by Ludwick

6/16/2007 @ Oakland
Cardinals score 10 in the 5th to take a 15-3 lead in a 15-6 win
Rolen two walks in the inning
Duncan pinch hit grand slam to close out scoring
Duncan pitch hit for Ludwick who flied out for first out
Encarnacion starts with a double-later RBI groundout
Miles drives in first run and makes last out

6/1/2007 @ Houston
Cardinals score 7 in the 9th to win 8-1
Inning opens with back-to-back HR by Encarnacion and Bennett
Next batter Kennedy-HBP-Ludwick reaches on sac bunt-Spiezio 2-run double
Kip wells pinch-hit RBI single
Bennett closes out scoring with 2-run double


9/15/2006 vs. San Francisco

Cardinals score 7 in the sixth to take a 13-2 lead in a 14-4 win

Rolen opens inning with a HR and closes the scoring with a 3-run double

Rolen also hit a 3-run HR in the first

1B by Belliard, Molina HBP, Suppan sac followed by Miles walk to load bases

Duncan bases loaded walk, followed by Pujols 2-run single


5/5/2006 @ Florida

Cardinals score 7 in the 5th to take a 7-0 lead in a 7-2 win

Inning opened with an Eckstein walk, Rodriquez single and Pujols 3-run HR

Gary Bennett hit 2-run single and Suppan had an RBI single

Todd Wellemeyer brought in by FLA got an inning-ending Sac Fly/double play on SF by Eckstein with Suppan thrown out at second

4/3/2006 @ Philadelphia

Cardinals score 8 in the fourth to take a 10-0 lead in a 13-5 win

Rolen opened the inning with a single and closed the scoring with a grand slam

Miles drove in the first two runs with a triple-he was singled in by Carpenter

Pujols drove in the 4th run on a SF after 5 straight hits



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