Back-to-Back Cardinals Jacks Again

On Tuesday in Cincinnati, Albert Pujols and Rick Ankiel provided the St. Louis Cardinals' first consecutive home runs in 2008 after teammates did it five times last season.

When St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols and Rick Ankiel slammed consecutive home runs in Tuesday's third inning at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park, the runs not only provided the eventual margin of victory in the Cardinals' 7-2 win over the Reds, but the pair of home runs also were the initial back-to-back jacks for the club in 2008.

In fact, they were the first for St. Louis since last August 6. But, if 2007 is any indication, the consecutive shots may soon be coming in bunches. Last season, two of the five occurred in one game, at Philadelphia on July 15. Another time, only one game separated a pair of back-to-back blasts, at the end of May and beginning of June.

It was not surprising to see Albert Pujols involved, as he went deep in two of the five cases in 2007 also, putting him in half of the most recent pairings. Hopefully, his calf strain re-aggravated on Tuesday night will not keep him out of long ball action long.
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The name Rick Ankiel was especially good to see in his first game back from a knee infection. Despite 2008 being the outfielder's first season as a full-time MLB starter as a position player, Tuesday was not his first participation in the back-to-back jacks derby. Ankiel also went deep with Eli Marrero back in 2000, during his initial career as a pitcher.

The recent Cardinals consecutive home run tally follows:

Date Batter Opp Pitcher Inn Out RBI
6/10/2008 Albert Pujols @CIN Homer Bailey 3 2 2
Rick Ankiel @CIN Homer Bailey 3 2 1
8/6/2007 Scott Rolen SDP David Wells 5 0 3
Ryan Ludwick SDP Mike Thompson 5 0 1
7/15/2007 Albert Pujols @PHI Adam Eaton 5 0 2
Chris Duncan @PHI Adam Eaton 5 0 1
Juan Encarnacion @PHI Brian Sanches 7 2 1
Adam Kennedy @PHI Brian Sanches 7 2 1
6/1/2007 Juan Encarnacion @HOU Chad Qualls 9 0 1
Gary Bennett @HOU Chad Qualls 9 0 1
5/30/2007 Albert Pujols @COL Jason Hirsh 5 0 3
Jim Edmonds @COL Jason Hirsh 5 0 1
4/20/2000 Eli Marrero SDP Vicente Palacios 5 0 1
Rick Ankiel SDP Vicente Palacios 5 0 1

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