Quad Cities River Bandits Report: 06/12/08

Our Scout.com Quad Cities beat reporter Jon P. returns with his weekly report on the St. Louis Cardinals A-level Midwest League club. This week, we feature an interview with outfielder Charlie Kingrey.

The Quad Cities River Bandits were statistically eliminated from the Midwest League first half playoff qualifications this week. Despite a valiant effort, the numbers caught up with them. On Wednesday evening, Tommy Pham hit a walk-off grand slam to win the first game of the twin bill. The Bandits fell short in game two and eliminated themselves from the first round playoffs.


It was my honor this week to sit for a few minutes with outfielder Charlie Kingrey for an interview. Here's a glimpse at what we discussed:



Jon: When did you decide to move baseball from being a great game to being a profession?


Charlie: When I was in high school and really started to excel, I knew it was what I wanted to do.


Jon: Where did you go to school?


Charlie: McNeese State in Port Charles, Louisiana.


Jon: What's your favorite color?


Charlie: Blue.


Jon: Considering this season, what are you working on the most to improve in your game?


Charlie: I want to be more consistent. I'm working to hit for power and average. I need to get more runs across the plate.


Jon: What has been the highlight of your baseball career so far?


Charlie: Draft day, no doubt.


Jon: You were drafted last year, right?


Charlie: Yes, in the 22nd round.


Jon: If you didn't play outfield, what position would you want to play?


Charlie: I'd be a catcher.


Jon: As a child, who were your baseball heroes?


Charlie: Pete Rose, Mickey Mantle, and Ken Griffey.


Jon: You aren't even old enough to have watched any of those three play! How did they become your heroes?!


Charlie: They are the best. I wanted to play like they did.


Jon: Do you have any superstitions?


Charlie: I really try not to have any… let me say no.


Jon: After baseball, what do you want to do?


Charlie: I'll go back to Louisiana and hunt and fish as much as possible.


Jon: Do you have any tattoos?


Charlie: None.


Jon: Do you have any phobias? Any thing you are afraid of?


Charlie: Flying and lightning.


Jon: Those storms last week must have had your attention!

Charlie: Yeah, you could say that!


Jon: If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?


Charlie: Definitely a four wheel drive truck.


Jon: Considering the current River Bandits, who else on the team is most like you as far as playing style?

Charlie: (lots of thinking) I think I'd say I'm like Nick Peoples. We're both scrappy; we play hard, work hard.


Jon: What's your favorite baseball movie?


Charlie: Bull Durham and The Sandlot.


Jon: In or out of baseball, who inspires you?


Charlie: Brett Favre… yeah, Brett Favre.


Jon: What's your favorite food?


Charlie: Crawfish Étouffée. Have you ever had it?


Jon: I have… I can see why it's a favorite! As a child, what was your favorite baseball team?


Charlie: The Braves, and the Cards, believe it or not.


Jon: What's your choice for a sports gear brand?


Charlie: Nike.


Jon: What else do you want Scout.com readers to know about you as a person?

Charlie: Well, I try to be polite and respectful in everything I do, on the field and off. I play hard, but I play the game the way it's supposed to be played.


Jon: Thanks, Charlie—I'll be out on the right field berm tonight, would you hit me a home run ball?


Charlie: I do what I can!



Special mention this week


The Tiki Bar recently opened at Modern Woodmen Park. It's a great, fun place to relax and watch the game. Adam, Dylan, and Anne work the bar and panic every time the Bandits hit a home run (that triggers a drink special!) but they do a GREAT job of making the game fun! If you get to Davenport for a game, don't miss a chance to enjoy the Tiki Bar and the bartenders!


Deal this week


Tommy Pham has moved back into the spotlight with several good hits and some very timely home runs. Pete Parise has shone with a couple of good closes on the mound. Charlie Kingrey, Pete Kozma, and Mark Diapoules will appear in this week's Midwest League All-Star Game.


No Deal this week


Thomas Eager is not at all content with his personal performance this week. He has been shelled the last few times he took the mound.  He said tonight that he's willing to try anything to break the slump.


Coming up


Watch for an insightful interview with pitcher Brian Broderick.



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