Quad Cities River Bandits Report: 06/19/08

Our Scout.com Quad Cities beat reporter Jon P. returns with his weekly report on the St. Louis Cardinals A-level Midwest League club. This week, we feature an interview with pitcher Brian Broderick.

With a short week scheduled, the Mississippi River shortened it even more. The final game of the first half was cancelled due to high waters that covered even the bridge that was supposed to allow fans to have access to the stadium. The river has crested and is receding. The team plans to return to Modern Woodmen Park on Monday.


There were several moves made during the All-Star break that have been covered in other reports here on Scout.com. My best wishes to those who have left the Quad Cities. I'm looking forward to getting to know some recent additions, too. The best move of all this week was the end of the eight-man tandem starters. The team has not announced who the five starters are yet but one of the moves to short-season ball was Thomas Eager, one of the eight.


The River Bandits finished the first half of the season out of playoff qualification so a "new" season starts now. Under Midwest League rules, the top two teams in each division in the first half qualify for the playoffs. The same rules apply in the second half of the season as well. If teams that have qualified in the first half are in the top two in the second half, the third (and sometimes fourth) place teams will qualify. With eight teams in the postseason playoffs, it is a three-round tourney.



Before the break, I sat at a game with Brian Broderick. Our soft-spoken, six and a half foot right hander is originally from the Paradise Valley in Arizona.


Jon: Brian, thanks for talking tonight. If you have to ignore me to video the game, please do! Let's start with some basics. When did you decide to make baseball your profession instead of just a game?


Brian: It was at the start of college. I wasn't very dominant in high school.


Jon: Where did you go to school?


Brian: Grand Canyon University. I studied Business Management.


Jon: What's your favorite color?


Brian: Blue.


Jon: What are you working on to improve your performance this year on the mound?


Brian: I'm just working at getting better. I want to have command of all my pitches. Of course, we all want to get that promotion to the next level.


Jon: So far in your baseball career, what has been the best moment?


Brian: My first pro game in Greenville, Tennessee. I was playing for Johnson City.


Jon: If you weren't pitching, what position would you want to play?


Brian: Third base.


Jon: When you were growing up, who was your baseball idol?

Brian: Nolan Ryan.


Jon: Do you have any superstitions?

Brian: I try not to have any. I jump the base line in and out. Never step on the chalk.


Jon: When you finish your playing career, what do you want to do?


Brian: I'll be a coach.


Jon: Do you have any tattoos?


Brian: None.


Jon: What are you afraid of? Any phobias?


Brian: Snakes. I can't stand snakes.


Jon: If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?


Brian: I would be a '72 Dodge Charger.


Jon: Ha! A friend of mine in college had a '72 Charger! That was the real muscle car. Who on the team do you think you are most similar to as far as playing style?


Brian: Hmmm, I'd say it's Blake King. We both go out there to compete every time. Neither of us will accept defeat. We both go to the mound to accomplish something.


Jon: What's your favorite baseball movie?

Brian: For Love of the Game.


Jon: Who inspires you?


Brian: My parents, Joe and Susan.


Jon: What's your favorite food?


Brian: Mom's tacos!


Jon: Favorite beverage?

Brian: This sounds funny, but it's water.


Jon: What was your favorite team when you were growing up?


Brian: The Yankees.


Jon: I'll try to forget that you said that! What's your favorite brand of baseball equipment?


Brian: Rawlings.


Jon: What else do you want readers to know about you?


Brian: Wow… let me think. I like to eat food ALL the time!


Jon: Thanks, Brian! Have a good break and keep your feet dry!



Deal this Week


Mike Folli earned a promotion to Palm Beach. Pete Kozma, Charlie Kingrey, and Mark Diapoules went to the Midwest League All-Star Game. The City of Davenport made heroic efforts to keep the stadium open, and the State of Iowa is going to rebound from one of the worst floods of all time.


No Deal this Week


The Mississippi River forgot where it belongs. The Bandits as a team failed to make the playoffs.


On the Watch List this Week


Oliver Marmol is the only player coming into the team who was here last year. I'm anxious for baseball to come home after a week off.



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