Quad Cities River Bandits Report: 07/03/08

This week, our St. Louis Cardinals Midwest League club report features an interview with second baseman Oliver Marmol.

Regular readers of this column aren't going to believe this, but it has been a week of ups and downs again in the Quad Cities. In games against Clinton, the team looked like they were on a yo-yo. Friday and Sunday were easy victories. Saturday and Monday were two of the worst games ever played by a Quad Cities team. On Monday, Clinton got 26 (yes, I said twenty six!) hits and 17 (yes, I said seventeen!) earned runs.


On the more positive side of life, three more River Bandits moved a level closer to The Show this week. Mark Diapoules, Charlie Kingrey and Matt Arburr have all been promoted to Palm Beach. Fans here will miss them all—especially the ones in the Tiki Lounge on the right field berm. Domnit Bolivar was sent to short-season.


In related moves, Brett Wallace, Carlos Pupo, Ryan Kulik, and Jared Bradford have joined the team this week. These additions should boost the team's offense and the extra arms on the mound will certainly be welcome.


Oliver Marmol takes the spotlight this week. Oli is new to this year's team, but he is the only Quad City player who played here last year. Speed on the bases, strong defensive play, and leadership are the three things that come to mind when I think of Oli Marmol. This is the longest interview I've ever conducted. It started last Wednesday and took a week to complete!


Oli, welcome back to the Quad Cities!


Thanks, Jon.


As you may remember, I like these interviews to give readers a look at who you are, instead of just how you play. Let's start with some basics; where did you go to school?


I went to the College of Charleston in South Carolina.


What are you working on this year to improve in your game?


I want to get more consistent in my at bats. That's what makes you successful. I'm working on my swing and my approach.


What's your favorite color?


It's blue.


Knowing that you have a long way to go and that there will be many highlights, what has been your best moment in baseball so far?


Beating Notre Dame in the Kentucky Regional.


When did you decide to make baseball more than just a fun game and turn professional?


It's still a fun game! I love playing baseball! I've wanted to be pro since my third year of baseball.


What is your favorite food and beverage?


Mmmm… Steak and sweet tea!


(For you non-southerners, that's not just iced tea with sugar… it's an experience of its own!)


Do you have any tattoos?


No, I don't.


When you get to the Majors, what number uniform do you want to wear?


I like 7.


If you were a car, what kind of car do you think you would be?


You know I'd be a Mercedes!


What other position would you want to play if you couldn't play second base?


I would be in the outfield.


On or off the field, who inspires you?


Who inspires me?... hmmm… my pastor at home.


As a child, who was your favorite team?


Boston Red Sox!


What is your favorite baseball movie?


Major League I


What do you like to do in the off season?


I've been on a couple of missionary trips with my church. I like doing that. I also like to work out and stay in shape.


One last question, Oli. What else do you want readers to know about you, on or off the field?


On or off the field, I want everyone to know that I'm only here because of God. He is what my life is about.


Thanks, Oli! Keep up the good work.



Deal this week


Besides the promotions this week, Nick Additon continues to burn up the opponents from the mound. Pete Kozma is still showing that his instinct in the game is far more developed than his 20 years would suggest. Nick Peoples continues to improve offensively and defensively.


No Deal this week


Tommy Pham has faltered at the plate and in center field all week. Brian Broderick had a particularly bad outing in Clinton on Monday but I know he will rebound.


Ones to watch


All of the new team members that are listed above have been given a great opportunity to prove themselves. Ross Oeder is also on my watch list—I see flashes of brilliance from him, also.


Personal notes


Charlie and Matt are two of the most deserving promotions that we have seen this year; I wish them the very best that life has to give. I also want to wish you all a happy and safe Fourth of July! Get yourself to a baseball game and show your pride in America!



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