Only Two on Target for Triple Milestones

Will Albert Pujols miss .300/30/100 for the first time in his eight year major league career?

For the past five years, an average of 10 players had seasons where they reached the milestones of a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. At the midway point of the 2008 season, only two players are on target to reach all three milestones, Lance Berkman (.364-21-67) and Josh Hamilton (.312-19-79).  However, an unusually high number of players are close to reaching all three and several of them will probably heat up in the second half to get there.


To be on target, a player needs to be at .300-15-50 at the midway point.  A player is considered close if he is at .285-13-45.  As of June 29, a total of 20 players fall in this category.


Dan Uggla                .289-23-58

Chase Utley             .297-23-65

Adrian Gonzalez        .287-21-67

Ryan Braun              .287-20-58

Carlos Quentin          .288-19-61

Jermaine Dye            .306-18-49

Albert Pujols             .356-17-45

Milton Bradley           .323-16-49

Chipper Jones           .394-16-46

Ryan Ludwick           .285-16-56

Manny Ramirez         .289-16-52

J. D. Drew               .304-15-48

Derrek Lee               .295-15-51

Alex Rodriguez          .322-15-43

David Wright            .285-15-64

Corey Hart               .292-14-51

Brian McCann           .295-14-45

Aramis Ramirez         .289-14-55

Ian Kinsler               .323-13-50

Kevin Youkilis           .313-13-50


Several of these players (Pujols, Jones, Rodriguez) are behind on counting stats because of time missed due to injuries.  Pujols has hit triple milestones in each of his seven seasons and will have to step up his RBI production to make it in 2008.


Several others on the list (Uggla, Quentin, Bradley, Ludwick, Hart, Kinsler, Youkilis) are in unfamiliar territory and it will be interesting to see if their strong performance in the first half will carry over to the second half.


To put the difficulty in achieving triple milestones in perspective, Kirk Gibson, in his illustrious career which included an MVP season, never once hit any of the three milestones.



Bill Gilbert is a baseball analyst and writer and member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).


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