Cards Message Board Post of the Week: 07/13

Recognizing the very best post of the past week from our message board community of thousands of St. Louis Cardinals fans the world over. "ibetyoulose" is our 143rd weekly winner!

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This article covers the week ending Saturday, July 12.

The status of the Cardinals' top prospect, outfielder Colby Rasmus, is always a hot topic, even more so here in 2008. On page eight of the thread now 12 pages long entitled simply "Rasmus?", "easton714" delivers a simple, but effective comparison between Rasmus and incumbents Skip Schumaker and Rick Ankiel.

"Top Ten Prospects" is a discussion about who is the best of the best in the improving Cardinals farm system. On page one, "Brosnan27" not only offered a very solid list of ten, but also had well-articulated rationale as to why who was where. On page two, "GMan0311" provided another compelling list and descriptions.

St. Louis' competition making trades to better themselves this past week caused a coop-full of Cardinals Chicken Littles to crow from every rooftop about what "always" or "never" happens or will happen as if message boards can portray clairvoyance.

Among the rubble, reader "ibetyoulose" posted a question that is unthinkable to some, but in reality, is very reasonable for all to consider - "What if we fall out of the race?". The subject is obvious, looking at what the Cardinals might do in their worst-case planning for the remainder of 2008. As you might expect, asking "what if?" drew a variety of responses.

In recognition of that post, "ibetyoulose" is our winner of the "Post of the Week". He collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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