Cardinals Draft Pick Bonus Analysis: Part Two

In part two of our series on 2008 draft pick bonuses, the St. Louis Cardinals have shown they are willing to spend. Contrary to message board chatter, the Cardinals are proving they are not cheap.

The St. Louis Cardinals continue to demonstrate that they are willing to spend on player development.  In part two of a series looking at the signing bonuses the organization has paid out, the proof is in the pudding.  The Cardinals have spent lucratively and gone over slot if necessary to get their draft picks in to the organizational fold.


Here is a look at the bonuses paid out for the rest of the first round.  Next, we will make a comparison with players the team drafted in the same rounds in 2007, 2006, and 2005.  We also review how the equivalent pick was compensated in the same drafts. 


Brett Wallace: $1,840,000

First round, 13th pick


The Cardinals first round pick in 2007, Pete Kozma, was selected at 18th overall and paid $1,395,000.  Looking at the picks before and after Wallace's selection, the pick seems to be for the slot recommended amount. 


The A's recently completed a deal with the 12th pick, Jemille Weeks, for $1,910,000 while the Twins gave the 14th pick, Aaron Hicks 1,780,000. 


In 2007, the Cleveland Indians awarded the 13th pick, Beau Mills, $1,575,000, which proved to be below slot.  The Cubs took Tyler Colvin in 2006 with the equivalent pick and paid him $1,475,000 to leave Clemson while Brandon Snyder was paid $1,700,000 by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2005. 


The Cardinals did not pick until 30th overall in 2006 and chose Adam Ottavino who received $950,000.  In 2005, the team had two first round picks and paid out over $2 million in bonuses to Colby Rasmus and Tyler Greene.   


Niko Vasquez: $423,000

Third round, 91st pick


Compared to others in the third round this year, this seems to be the slot.  The 89th pick, Tim Murphy, received $436,000 from the Rangers and the picks from there have signed for $6,000-$7,000 less than the previous selection ending with the Brewers' Logan Schafer signing for $404,000 as the 94th pick.  


The bonus paid to Vasquez is substantially more than last year's third round choice, Daniel Descalso, who received $255,000 from the organization.  It is $45,000 more the Detroit Tigers gave last year's 91st pick, Danny Worth. 


The Washington Nationals went well above slot in 2006 to sign high school shortstop Stephen King.  The horror novelist's namesake received a signing bonus of $750,000.  The previous year, the Pittsburgh Pirates paid Mizzou's James Boone $420,000.


After the 2006 draft, the Cardinals paid out $325,000 to Gary Daley to sign as their third round choice.  The previous draft, the Cardinals went over slot ($450,000) to buy an athletic prep outfielder out of playing football, Daryl Jones. 


Scott Gorgen: $250,000

Fourth round, 125th pick


This bonus seems to be around slot as well.  Picks 119 through 130 who have signed have agreed to figures from $240,000 to $267,000. 


Last year, the Cardinals and their fourth round selection, Kyle Russell, were unable to come to terms.  The Rays signed their selection, David Newman, at the same spot for the same amount the Cards paid Gorgen. 


Of note, as the 93rd selection in 2008, Russell signed with the Dodgers for $410,000.  It was rumored that the Cardinals offered Russell around $900,000. 


With the 125th pick in 2006, the Marlins awarded Hector Correa $252,000 while the White Sox paid Chris Getz $225,000 in 2005.


Comparatively, the team got off cheap with its fourth round pick in 2006, Eddie Degerman.  The Rice standout received only $100,000 as the 136th overall pick.  In 2005, the Cardinals paid $250,000 to a high school catcher out of California, Bryan Anderson.  


Jermaine Curtis: $181,000

Fifth round, 155th pick


This bonus seems to be right on the spot.  The Athletics paid the prior selection, Jason Christian, $182,000.  With the pick following Curtis, the Twins selected Nick Romero who signed a deal for $179,000. 


In 2007, the 155th pick, Dustin Biell, received $150,000 to sign.  With their fifth round choice, the Cardinals chose Thomas Eager and paid him $134,000 to get him into the organization. 


In 2006, the Cardinals chose Shane Robinson out of Florida State.  The former Seminole was given a $175,000 signing bonus as a former college player of the year.  That same year with pick 155 the Marlins chose Chris Hatcher who received a $167,000 bonus to sign.  The pick after Hatcher was Devin Shepard.  The Twins and Shepard were unable to come to terms opening up the opportunity for the Cardinals to choose the outfielder in the 11th round in 2008.          


During 2005, the Cardinals chose pitcher Mitchell Boggs in the fifth round and paid him $150,000.  The 155th selection that year, Ryan Rote, signed with the White Sox for $90,000. 


Ryan Kulik: $58,000

Eighth round, 245th pick


Seems the Cardinals might have gotten off cheaply here.  The Athletics are paying pick 244, Jeremy Barfield, a bonus of $92,000.  At 246 the Twins selected Jeff Lanning who received a bonus of $105,000.


In 2007, the Cardinals went above slot, $150,000, to lure Tyler Henley from returning to Rice.  That season, the Rays paid Matt Moore $115,000 as the 245th pick.


Though Kulik's bonus is quite a bit less than Henley's, it is still better than what the team paid out to its' eighth round choice the previous two drafts.  Allen Craig and Jason Cairns received only $15,000 each to sign. 


In 2006, the Marlins gave Dan Garcia $90,000 to sign at this spot while the White Sox paid Futures Game starter Clayton Richard $78,000 in 2005. 


Aaron Luna: $150,000

Ninth round, 275th pick


Once again, the Cardinals went above slot to lure a Rice outfielder from going back to school.  This is much larger bonus than the A's paid Mitch Levier ($75,000) with the previous pick and the Twins paid the next selection, Mike Gonzalez (85,000). 


The signing bonuses in this round have fluctuated substantially, from $25,000 to $250,000.  


The organization was unable to come to terms with Mike Stutes, the team's ninth round choice in 2007.  During the same draft, Tampa Bay paid Cody Cipriano only $10,000 to sign as the 275th choice. 


The Cardinals went above slot in 2006.  High school pitcher Matt North was given a $150,000 bonus to start his professional career.  During 2005, the Cardinals paid its ninth round choice, Zach Zuercher, $50,000. 


In 2006, the 275th selection, John Raynor, received $17,500 from the Marlins after Joe Winn received $70,000 in 2005 from the White Sox. 


Alex Castellanos: $70,000

Tenth round, 305th pick


So far the bonuses awarded in the tenth have been all over the chart.  At selection 304, the A's went well above slot and gave the previous pick, Rashun Dixon, $600,000.  The Twins paid Evan Bigley $75,000 as the 306th pick.


Beau Riportella was compensated above slot, $123,000 as the team's tenth round pick in 2007.  The Rays paid last year's pick, Greg Sexton, only $8,000.


In 2006, the team and Blair Erickson did not come to terms.  The Marlins slipped Graham Taylor only $10,000 as the 305 while Israel Chirino received $65,000 as that selection in 2005.  That same year, Randy Roth signed for $2,000 as the Cardinals' tenth round pick.  



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