Cards Message Board Post of the Week: 7/20/08

Recognizing the very best post of the past week from our message board community of thousands of St. Louis Cardinals fans the world over. "hoyaheel" is our 144th weekly winner!

As we do each and every week here at, we call out the best of the best - the "Post of the Week" from our St. Louis Cardinals message board.

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This article covers the week ending Saturday, July 19.

The growth of our message board combined with the 2008 Cardinals' surprising and inspiring run not being 100% convincing to all leads to dramatic demonstrations at times. It also seems to bring out the best in others, making lemonade from others' lemons. Responding to one such diatribe where an individual vowed to stop posting unless the team improves themselves, "ambill10" methodically explained for the umpteenth time why the Cardinals ownership should not be considered cheap in the thread, "GOODBYE".

Later on the same page, "SoonerinNC" dismantled one of the board's resident drive-by poster's repetitive negative remarks, explaining what running a business and having patience means.

With the same discussion continuing, on page three of the same thread, "1964Cards" put the final nail in the coffin of the naysayers' position with a reminder that this is a point in time, not the beginning nor end.

One of the deans of the community, "Gagliano", offered a view of "righty/lefty OPS splits" of the Cardinals' offensive players, in a thread that Tony La Russa might love. The conclusions are possible lineup changes to put the most productive hitters on the field based on the handedness of the opposing pitcher.

"SydneyDave" offered an analysis of the date of players' MLB debuts vs. the number of career at-bats they eventually achieve on page two of a five-page thread entitled "Minor League system rankings". The thought is that some of the Cardinals' recently-recalled older minor league offensive players statistically-speaking may not experience long MLB careers.

Though I mentioned our new posters above, I want to ensure that I also recognize one of the many cases when quality is offered. One such case is with "hoyaheel", who put together a description of 15 of the Cardinals' "Top Prospects below Single-A" in his very first post of what will hopefully be many more on our message board. As do all good thread starters, this post opened an informative discussion among others that built upon the initial comments.

In recognition of that post, "hoyaheel" is our winner of the "Post of the Week". He collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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