Quad Cities River Bandits Report: 07/31/08

This week, our St. Louis Cardinals Midwest League club report features an interview with outfielder Adron Chambers.

The Quad Cities River Bandits spent most of the week on the road again. They went 4-2 in a six-game trip to Michigan and then split a doubleheader on Wednesday this week with the West Michigan Whitecaps. 


There were several changes made in the roster again. Paul Vazquez and Wayne Daman were promoted to Palm Beach. Lance Lynn, Blake Murphy, Kenny Maiques, and J. D. Stambaugh joined the team from various other assignments. Brandon Garner has retired from the game. Brian Broderick has gone to Florida to rehab his shoulder and Josh Wilson has been placed on the restricted list.


As the Midwest League enters its last month of play (I hate that thought!) for 2008, the Bandits (21-18) are only ½ game behind the second place Burlington Bees and a game behind Peoria for a spot in the playoffs.


The next 30 days will be the true test of what each member of the team is going to do. This is where 25 guys decide if they are going to be a team.


Brett Wallace continues to improve and amaze. His defense is getting smoother and more natural—I believe as a result of getting used to being here. Pete Kozma's hitting streak ended at 15 games, partly due to the shortened doubleheader game. Adron Chambers extended his streak to 10 games.


I was able to talk with Adron Chambers this week about his view of life in general:



Adron, thanks for chatting! I'd like to give readers a look at who you are both on and off the field. Let's start with a few fun questions. What's your favorite color?




If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?


I'd be a Cadillac! No doubt!


Do you have any tattoos?


I have two—one in memory of my sister who passed away, and one for my home town of Pensacola.


What's your favorite food?


Chicken and rice. Mmmmmmmm


Who inspires you in your life and why?


My Mom is the best. She showed me that even when life is a struggle, whatever you go through makes you strong enough to come through it.


What has been your best baseball memory so far in your life?


I played on a Little League All-Star team for 15 year olds when I was only 12. That was pretty cool.


When you think of the current River Bandits, who on the team do you think plays most like you?


I'd say it's D'Marcus Ingram. We both play outfield. We're both fast. We both play all-out.


When you first get to the Major Leagues, what number do you want to wear?


It doesn't matter! I'll wear any number as long as I'm there.


What part of your game are you working to improve this year?


It's all about consistency. Offense, defense, everywhere. It's got to be consistent.


Where did you go to school?


Pensacola Community College.


When you were growing up, who was your baseball idol?


Ken Griffey, Jr. Absolutely!


If you weren't playing outfield, what position would you choose?


I was a pitcher in college. I'd go back there.


What other sports did you play when you were younger?


I was on the football and basketball teams.


Tell our readers one other thing that you want them to know about Adron Chambers.


I'm just me. I do the best I can and make the most of it.


Thank you, Adron! Keep up the good work!



Deal this week


Chuckie Fick has had a couple of good outings. He set a personal record recently when he went 7.1 innings—unfortunately he didn't have much offensive support and took a hard luck loss.


Ryan Kulik kept good control in his start in the second game of the doubleheader on Wednesday but he has a long way to go.


Aaron Luna continues to look like a machine—consistent, and consistently good.


No Deal


Carlos Pupo finally broke out of his slump but he skidded for 30 plate appearances.


Dylan Gonzalez isn't showing what he's able to do on the mound.


Jared Bradford has struggled lately; he's got what it takes, he just needs to find it.


Watch list


Of course everyone is waiting to see what Lance Lynn contributes to the team in the home stretch.


Kenny Maiques and J. D. Stambaugh are going to attract some attention, too.   



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