The Cardinals Winter League Notebook: 10/03

Former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Preston Wilson is planning a career comeback in winter ball as Cards prospects prepare to suit up all over the globe.

Hawaii Winter League


Jim Rapoport (Springfield): Started in left field and batted sixth. Went 0-for-2 with 1 walk and 1 strikout.


Honolulu beat North Shore 6-2 in 7 innings: link


Post Game: link


Next Up: Honolulu at North Shore @ 3:00pm HT


Also participating: Tony Cruz (Palm Beach), Blake King (Palm Beach), and Tyler Herron (Palm Beach).


Instructional League

Began play September 19.


48 players participating: link 


Arizona Fall League

Countdown: 4 more days!!!!


Players scheduled to participate: Brad Furnish (Springfield), Tyler Norrick (Palm Beach), Justin Fiske (Springfield), Adam Ottavino (Springfield), Steven Hill (Palm Beach, taxi squad), Tyler Greene (Memphis),  Brett Wallace (Springfield), and Shane Robinson (Memphis).


Mexican Pacific League

Begins play October 11.


Currently playing exhibition games.


Players expected to participate: Francisco Rivera (Quad Cities) and Jason Motte (St. Louis).


Venezuelan League

Begins play October 14.


Cardenales de Lara announced their roster which includes Ex-Cardinal farmhand Jackson Paz, Ex-Cardinal infielder Miguel Cairo (joining the team in December), and current Cardinals shortstop Cesar Izturis (joining in November).  Izturis, again like last season, will be looking to attract attention as he is a free agent this major league off-season.


Players expected to participate: David Freese (Memphis), Jose Martinez (Springfield), Luke Gregerson (Springfield), Ron Flores (Memphis-free agent), Geney Rios (VSL), and Carlos Oraa (VSL).


Venezuelan Parallel League

Begins play mid-October.


Numerous Cardinals' prospects expected to participate.


Dominican League

Begins play October 15.


Players expected to participate: Amaury Marti (Memphis) and D'Angelo Jimenez (Memphis-free agent).


Colombian League

Begins play October 24.


Make sure to check out Dustin Mattison's interview with Carlos Pupo (Quad Cities), "Far From Typical": link


Other players tentatively expected to participate: Casey Mulligan (Palm Beach), Nick Derba (Palm Beach), Davis Bilardello (Palm Beach), and Casey Rowlett (Springfield).


Nicaraguan League

Begins play late-October.


Puerto Rican League

Begins play November 6.


Gigantes de Carolina have signed former Cardinals' 2006 World Series outfielder Preston Wilson to a winter league contract, under recommendation by Jose Oquendo. Wilson may be considering a comeback in his baseball career after sitting out the 2008 season in retirement. link


Also on the Gigantes' roster is Ex-Memphis Redbird pitcher Armando Rios.


Players tentatively expected to participate: Yadier Molina (St. Louis, injury may prelude) and Juan Gonzalez (Memphis-free agent).



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