Help Set All-Time St. Louis Cardinals Roster

The Birdhouse's Dustin Mattison has been asked to participate in the Historical Simulation Baseball League and he wants your help.

As the readers of The Birdhouse know, there are no more informed, knowledgeable fans than those of you here at this site.   That is why I am asking for your help. 


I have been invited to participate in the Historical Simulation Baseball League.  Others participating include Bill James, Roy Firestone, Jonathan Mayo, Derrick Goold, and pitcher Curt Schilling.  Admittedly, the lineup is quite intimidating, but I feel I have an advantage of "managing" the greatest franchise in the history of the National League.


The founder of Seamheads, Mike Lynch, asked me to join the League.  Lynch describes the site as a web site dedicated to baseball and its past, present, and future (but mostly its past).  Recently, he was nominated for a 2009 Ritter Award for his book Harry Frazee, Ban Johnson and the Feud That Nearly Destroyed the American League.  


In an email from Lynch, he tells me that those at are "mostly SABR members with a passion for and knowledge of baseball.  Some of us are authors who've won or been nominated for the Ritter Award, the Casey Award, and the Seymour Medal; others are Yoseloff Grant recipients."


Each team representative will submit his 40-man roster.  Now, the roster can be made up with whomever that person chooses.  If I wanted to submit the 2008 Cardinals 40-man, that is acceptable (But not practical if I want to win!).  Anyone whoever donned a Cardinals uniform is eligible, but only his stats as a Cardinal will be used.  For example, if I chose to use Bobby Bonds as an extra outfielder, I get his 1980 stats, not his 1973 season in which he hit 39 home runs and stole 43 bases for the Giants.  The league could see some interesting match ups, as the Cardinals' Steve Carlton could go against the Phillies' Steve Carlton.  Maybe, the Red Sox' Babe Ruth could pitch to the Yankees' Babe Ruth. 


So, here is where I am asking for your help.  On the message board under the Seamheads thread, put in your picks for the 40-man roster.  I am trying to make the team as realistic as possible so the bullpen will need left-handed relievers as much as a closer.  The thread will be available for input for the next week before I submit the final 40-man roster. 


Game play will start after the World Series.  The game play will be simulated by Out of the Park 9. 


So are you interested in helping me take down a who's who in the world of baseball?  Step up to the plate and provide your input!


Here is a list of the participants and the team he will represent. 


Curt Schilling (Pirates)
Bill James (Red Sox)
Roy Firestone (Orioles)
John Buccigross (Giants)
Ross Bernstein (Twins)
Jamey Newberg (Rangers)
Jonah Keri (Expos)
Joe Posnanski (Indians)
Ron Kaplan (Dodgers)
Josh Kusnick (Marlins/Rays)
Dustin Mattison (Cardinals)
Geoff Young (Padres)
J.C. Bradbury (Braves)
Sam Mellinger (Royals)
Neate Sager (Blue Jays)
Chad Finn (Angels)
Matt Dahlgren (Yankees)
Andy Andres (Reds)
Jonathan Mayo (A's)
Derrick Goold (D-Backs/Rockies)
Rod Nelson (Tigers)
Ted Berg (Mets)
David Laurila (Cubs)
Mike Vaccaro (White Sox)
Kevin Wheeler (Astros)
Patrick Ryan (Brewers)
James Dutton/Larry Fleisher (Phillies)
Seamheads Staff (Mariners)



Dustin Mattison can be reached via email at


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