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Recognizing the very best post of the past week from our message board community of thousands of St. Louis Cardinals fans the world over. "philskill" is our 156th weekly winner!

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This article covers the week ending Saturday, October 11.

One of the most active areas of the board is the area where community members are voting for their top Cardinals prospects. A side project is comparing ranks of players within a particular position. "CariocaCardinal" initiated such a thread entitled "Community Top 50 Bonus List – Middle Infielders". "Carioca" made his choices with solid explanations. Others followed.

Our Dustin Mattison is preparing to compete in a historical sim baseball competition against a number of industry notables. He requested help from readers in selecting his 40-man all-time Cardinals roster. In the thread "Seamheads", the aptly-handled "VonderAhe" offered very a set of well-thought-out roster choices.

An interesting topic of this and any off-season is to understand which players from other clubs will become free agents at the conclusion of the World Series. "cardinalnationinhouston" offered up a very comprehensive list here: "2008 Free Agent list". Its original source is unclear, but it's a good resource, regardless.

Regular "BeauHeart" took at first look at the prospective Memphis Redbirds 2009 roster in the thread, "AAA 2009".

On page three of the "The 2009 payroll", thread, "Oquendo11" analyzed the changes in the Cardinals payroll this decade, specifically the correlation (or lack of it) to winning games.

A thread that began with Cardinals fans sharing their glee over the Cubs' second consecutive three-and-out performance in the NLDS, "Cubs lose (and other playoff happenings)", grew into a more-general post-season discussion. On page 12, "1964Cards" and "Oquendo11" looked at the huge ongoing payroll commitments the Cubs are carrying on their books and the latter compared their potential money available to spend this off-season with the Cardinals.

A topic that never seems to go away is the future of centerfield in St. Louis. On page two of the most recent thread considering "Rasmus vs Ankiel", "philskill" looked at the connection between the Cardinals calling up Colby Rasmus and improving their middle infield. A vast number of alternatives were analyzed.

In recognition of that fine post, "philskill" is our winner of the "Post of the Week. He collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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