Quad Cities Starting Pitcher of the Year: ‘08

Nick Additon is the easy winner as our top starting pitcher on the 2008 Quad Cities River Bandits, the St. Louis Cardinals affiliate in the Class-A Midwest League.

As I said yesterday with my selection of the Quad Cities Reliever of the Year, the very nature of the summer of 2008 has made this an unusual season. I'm simply not going to beat around the bush with today's selection of the Starting Pitcher of the Year. Nick Additon deserves the nomination as he was simply dominant for the Quad Cities River Bandits all summer.


Additon started 19 games and pitched in six others for a total of 25 games. His ERA (2.5) was lower than any of the other starters that I will mention later in this article. He pitched 119 innings—that's almost 4.2 innings per appearance; that's impressive at this level of ball.


In those innings, Additon gave up only 12 home runs—less than one per nine innings pitched. His WHIP was 1.07, second only to Richard Castillo who beat him by .01! He walked less than four players per nine innings pitched.


The big surprise with Nick Additon this summer was that he wasn't promoted earlier—a testimony to the Cardinals' entire system strength.


Congratulations to Nick!


Now, what do I do to fill space for the rest of this article? I'll cover the other starters and make up a few other awards for them as they are all well-deserving young men.


Chuckie Fick is my choice among starting pitchers for this year's "All Around Nice Guy" award. His pitching stats were good enough to earn him a promotion, but again, the Cards' system was loaded this year. I never saw him without a smile on his face and an encouraging word for me or any other fan.


Richard Castillo get's the "Fortress of Solitude" award. (OK, I'll explain—Castillo is Spanish for castle or fortress and I never heard the guy speak all summer!) His ERA (2.62) was second lowest among these starters. He started in all 13 of his appearances. Without a lot of flash to get himself noticed, he was a very steady presence on the mound and he always got the job done.


Thomas Eager is the recipient of this year's "Hey, I was going to say that!" award since he was already nominated for POY in another league. He deserves mention here, though since he was here for most of the first half of the season. He's another great guy and I hope he gets a chance to play in Davenport in 2009.


Brian Broderick gets the "Silent Giant" award for 2008. There were a lot of guys on the team this year that just seemed to be quiet, but none were as tall! He battled injuries this summer but he contributed to a great season of baseball.


Josh Wilson is my choice for "I wish he would have stayed in the game longer." In a surprise move, he decided to retire from the game at mid-season. I saw a lot of potential in him and I wish I could have seen more of his work on the mound. I wish him the very best in whatever he is doing now.


Mark Diapoules, perhaps one of the most misunderstood guys on the team, receives the "Chuck Norris" award. You've probably heard the "larger then life" jokes about Norris. Mark is one of those guys who I think will someday be larger than life, too. He certainly doesn't lack any self-confidence and he certainly backs up what he says with action on the field.


There were others that I considered but I'm going to end my list there. Additon was a machine on the mound, the rest were good, consistent pitchers. I think they all deserve recognition for what they contributed to Quad Cities baseball in 2008.


Tomorrow, the Position Player of the Year.



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