The Cardinals Winter League Notebook: 10/30's 2008 Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year David Freese's grand slam in Venezuela led Wednesday's St. Louis Cardinals prospects news in winter ball.

Hawaii Winter League


Tony Cruz (Palm Beach): Started at catcher and batted 4th.  2-for-4 with one double and one strikeout (foul tip).

Jim Rapoport (Springfield): Started in right field and batted 9th.  1-for-3 at the plate.

Tyler Herron (Springfield): Entered in the fourth and pitched four innings.  Allowed five hits, no runs, hit one batter, threw one wild pitch, and struck out three. (pitches-strikes: 64-45) (ground out-fly out: 2-6) (inherited runners-scored: 1-1)

Honolulu was shut down by Waikiki 9-0: link

Post game: link


The Sharks fall to 13-10-1 and have a one-game lead over Waikiki in the East Division.

Honolulu welcomes Waikiki Thursday @ 7:00pm HT.


Also participating: Blake King (Palm Beach).


Arizona Fall League


Tyler Greene (Memphis): Started at shortstop and batted leadoff.  1-for-6 with one run scored, reached on fielding error, and struck out twice (swinging).  (Runners left in scoring position with 2-outs: 1)

Brett Wallace (Springfield): Started at third base and batted 6th.  1-for-4 with one double, two runs, one walk, and one strikeout (swinging).  Assisted in two double plays in the field.

Steven Hill (Palm Beach-taxi squad): Started at catcher and batted 7th.  2-for-5 with one home run, one RBI, two runs, and two strikeouts (swinging and looking).  One stolen base on Hill while behind the plate.

Peoria Saguaros doubled up Surprise 12-6: link

Post game: link


Saguaros improves to 13-6 and are tied with Mesa atop the American Division.

Peoria Saguaros welcome Surprise Thursday @ 12:35pm MST.


Brian Walton sends us some photos from league play: link


Also participating: Tyler Norrick (Palm Beach), Justin Fiske (Springfield), Shane Robinson (Memphis), Adam Ottavino (Springfield), and Brad Furnish (Springfield).


Mexican Pacific League


Hugo Castellano (Memphis-free agent): Did not pitch for Obregon.

Obregon stomped on Mochis 11-3: link

Obregon (5-11) welcome in Mochis (9-7) Thursday @ 6:30pm MST.


Francisco Rivera (Quad Cities): Currently on the Culiacan disabled list.

Jason Motte (St. Louis): Tentatively expected to pitch for Hermosillo.


Venezuelan League


Rico Washington (Memphis-free agent): Started in left field and batted 7th.  1-for-5 with one run, one strikeout (swinging), and ground into one double play.

David Freese (Memphis): Started at third base and batted 8th.  1-for-4 with one grand slam, one run, and three strikeouts (swinging).  (Runners left in scoring position with 2-outs: 2)


Jose Rada (GCL): Did not pitch for Aragua.

Jose Martinez (Springfield): Sent to Parallel League (see below).

Caribes scored six in the fourth and four more later in the game to beat Aragua 11-4: link

Post game: link (great close up picture of Freese)


Aragua (5-5) welcomes (6-7) Lara Thursday @ 7:30pm VST.

Caribes (6-6) visits Magallanes (6-7) Thursday @ 7:30pm VST.


Ron Flores (Memphis-free agent): Pitched to one batter, striking him out for his third hold during VWL play.

Luke Gregerson (Springfield): Followed Flores and finished off the eighth inning.  Allowed one hit and no runs for his second hold of VWL play.  (ground out-fly out: 1-1)

Margarita shut out La Guaira 1-0: link

Margarita (6-7) welcomes La Guaira (4-8) Thursday @ 8:00pm VST.


Cesar Izturis (St. Louis-free agent): Expected to join Lara in November.

Mark Worrell (Memphis): Tentatively expected to join Zulia.


David Freese (Memphis) was also selected as our 2008 Player of the Year: link


Venezuelan Parallel League


Frederick Parejo (Batavia): Started in centerfield and batted leadoff.  2-for-3 with one double, three RBIs (one with two-outs), one run, and one walk.

Jose Martinez (Springfield): Started at designated hitter and batted 3rd.  0-for-2 with one run and one walk.

Jesus Montero (GCL): Took over for Martinez.  0-for-2 with one strikeout.

Jose Garcia (Batavia): Started at third base and batted 6th.  1-for-3 with one RBI, two runs, and one walk.

Kleinenger Teran (GCL): Entered mid-game as pinch hitter and took over at third base, batting 8th.  1-for-2 with one two-out RBI and one run.

Domnit Bolivar (Quad Cities): Entered mid-game, taking over at shortstop and batting 9th.  1-for-2 with one double and two two-out RBIs.  Assisted in one double play in the field.

Ruben Alvarado (VSL): Entered in the eighth and pitched one inning.  Allowed two hits, one earned run, one walk, threw one wild pitch, and struck out one.  (ground out-fly out:1-1)

Deimer Bier (VSL): Entered in the ninth and pitched the final inning.  Allowed no hits or runs, walking two, and striking out one.  (ground out-fly out: 2-0)

Aragua left Tampa bay in the dust with a 16-1 win: link


Kevin Moscatel (GCL); Pinch hit and took over at catcher.  0-for-2 at the plate.

Caribes beat Magallanes 5-1: link


Jose Cortez (VSL): Started in left field and batted leadoff.  1-for-3 with one double and one stolen base.

Cesar Valera (July 2nd signing): Started at shortstop and batted 2nd.  1-for-3 with one strikeout and assisted in one double play.

Christofher Dumont (GCL):  Took over for Eduardo Lopez in right field, but batted 3rd.  1-for-1 at the plate.

Roberto Perez (VSL): Started as designated hitter and batted 4th.  1-for-4 with one home run, one RBI, one run, and one strikeout.

Yorbel Alcala (VSL): Started at catcher and batted 5th.  1-for-4 at the plate and committed one error.

Hector Garcia (VSL): Started at third base and batted 7th.  1-for-4 with two strikeouts.

Geney Rios (VSL): Started and pitched five innings.  Allowed two hits, no runs, three walks, hit one batter, and struck out three.  (ground out-fly out: 4-6)

Jackson Solarte (VSL): Entered in the seventh and pitched two innings.  Allowed two hits, no runs, two walks (one intentional), threw one wild pitch, and struck out two.  (ground out-fly out: 2-2) (inherited runners-scored: 2-0)

Francisco Guzman (VSL): Enteerd in the tenth and pitched to four batters.  Allowed one hit, one earned run, threw one wild pitch, and one walk.  (ground out-fly out: 2-0) (inherited runners-scored: 3-0)

St. Louis went into extras and lost to Houston 2-1: link


Thursday's games:

Caribes (9-3) @ ALB Orkas (9-3)

St. Louis (6-4) @ Aragua (9-4)


Dominican Republic League

Amaury Marti (Memphis): Started in right field and batted 5th.  0-for-4 with one RBI, one sac fly, and two strikeouts (swinging and looking).  (Runners left in scoring position with 2-outs: 1)

D'Angelo Jimenez (Memphis-free agent): Started at third base and batted 9th.  2-for-4 with one two-out RBI.

Licey blew the game mid-way and lost to Azucareros 8-4: link

Licey have Thursday off, welcome Azucareros Friday @ 7:30pm AST.


Luis Perdomo (Springfield): Did not pitch for Aguilas.

Aguilas went toe-to-toe with Escogido and scored their winning run in the bottom of the ninth for a 9-8 win: link

Aguilas have Thursday off, welcome Escogido Friday @ 8:00pm AST.


Dominican Republic League and Puerto Rican League set their interleague play for December 6 and 7: link


Colombian League


Barranquilla beat Monteria 6-4 on Tuesday: link


Sincelejo and Cartegena game on Tuesday was postponed: link


Players Participating: Donovan Solano (Palm Beach), Alexander Castellano (DSL), Davis Bilardello (Palm Beach), Pete Parise (Palm Beach), Casey Mulligan (Palm Beach), Ryan Bird (Instructional), and possibly Nick Derba (Palm Beach).


Puerto Rican League

Begins play November 6.


President of the PRBL and others talk about the tough times of getting the league ready and back to its past fame: link


Article on the league's salary rates: link


Players tentatively expected to play: P.J. Walters (Memphis), Bryan Anderson (Memphis), Yadier Molina (St. Louis-December), and Juan Gonzalez (Memphis-free agent).



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