Cards Message Board Post of the Week: 11/2/08

Recognizing the very best post of the past week from our message board community of thousands of St. Louis Cardinals fans the world over. "forsch31" is our 159th weekly winner!

As we do each and every week here at, we call out the best of the best - the "Post of the Week" from our St. Louis Cardinals message board.

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This article covers the week ending Saturday, November 1.

An ongoing debate on our board is centered around a handful of posters, who despite lacking any significant evidence, picked up the cry of a prominent columnist in asserting the ownership of the Cardinals are cheapskates. A brand-new poster, "desletmax12", deftly framed the narrow perspective of this group of grousers near the bottom of page five of the thread entitled "The 2009 payroll".

Our most long-running and perhaps most entertaining thread remains "TRADES/RUMORS/TRADE IDEAS – CONTINUED". On page 24, "Cardsfan914" not only poses a couple of interesting trade ideas, but also backs them up with logic he could defend.

"thejager" continued the discussion on page 25 with a couple of trade ideas of his own.

On the Post-Dispatch website last week, Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak entered into a chat with Cardinals fans. In the discussion here that followed, on page three of the thread "Mo Chat at Noon STL Today", "forsch31" provided an excellent point-by-point reply to those questioning why the Cardinals did not trade for available players at the trade deadline.

In recognition of that post, "forsch31" is our winner of the "Post of the Week. He collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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