Cardinals Prospect Interview: Matt Adams

The St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Adams led all of Division II in batting this past spring. In his professional debut, he continues to rake, ranking as one of the top hitters in the Appalachian League. In our continuing draft interview series, Adams spoke to the Birdhouse's Dustin Mattison.

When the St. Louis Cardinals were on the clock during the 23rd round of last month's draft, they had to be surprised that a hitter the caliber of Slippery Rock's Matt Adams was still on the board. The junior slugger was coming off a season in which he hit .495/.566/.853 with 14 home rs and 64 RBIs. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 245 pounds, his batting average mark was tops in all of Division II baseball. The 20-year-old finished the season ranked fifth in on base percentage and sixth in slugging this past spring.

Assigned to Johnson City to make his professional debut, Adams has seemed not to miss a beat. Heading in to Thursday night's action, he ranked in the top five in each of the slash categories.

Continuing our draft interview series, Adams recently took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the readers of the Birdhouse.

Dustin Mattison: What has been your impression of professional baseball?

Matt Adams: My impression of pro baseball is that it is awesome but you got to work at it with all your heart to get where you want to go. You don't have to be the best player out there, you just have to plug yourself into the organization and follow the rules and work hard.

DM: What has been the biggest surprise?

MA: The biggest surprise is of how fast the games move and just how fast the season as gone so far.

DM: Tell me about your draft day. Were the Cardinals the team you expected to pick you? What other teams were in the mix?

MA: My draft day consisted of sitting in front of the computer waiting for a call. I knew the Cardinals liked me but I was leaning more towards the Mets or the Yankees to pick me.

DM: What did you know about the Cardinal organization before they drafted you?

MA: I knew that the Cardinal organization is the most successful and well-recognized organization to date. Also, they are all about their prospects and minor leaguers.

DM: You hit .495 this season. How is that even possible?

MA: I do not know how that is possible, I just went out day in and day out and worked really hard and it all paid off in the end.

DM: Give me a scouting report on Matt Adams.

MA: I am not really sure about a scouting report, but I am a good hitter that can hit to all fields consistently. Also, I play an average first base. I do need to work on speed, though.

DM: How did your experience in the New England Collegiate Baseball League help prepare you for professional ball?

MA: The NECBL helped me out a lot. The pitchers up there were consistently sitting at 89 to 91. It just helped me realize that I can play with anyone and to believe in myself.

DM: I know you grew up in Pennsylvania. Pirates or Phillies?

MA: Pirates. I went to school an hour north of Pittsburgh.

DM: I happened to interview one of your teammates, C.J. Beatty earlier today. He claims no one will play chess with him. Can you help him out?

MA: No I cannot. I am not a good chess player and I am not into those kinds of games.

DM: When you are not playing baseball, how do you like to spend your time?

MA: I like to spend my time hanging out with the teammates and when it is possible, to hang out with my family, especially my girlfriend.

DM: What is something Cardinal fans should know about you that they probably do not know?

MA: I have been playing baseball ever since I was one year old.

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