Cardinals Winter Leagues Notebook: 01/02/10

Adron Chambers led the Colombian League in triples, second in batting average, third in hits and stolen bases, fifth in slugging and seventh in runs.

Mexican Pacific League Playoffs


Final Regular Season Stats:


Mexicali includes Hugo Castellanos (Former Memphis/Obregon) and Dan Serafini (Former Memphis).

Guasave includes Andy Cavazos (Former St. Louis) and Hyang-Nam Choi (Former MiLB Spring Invite).

Mochis includes Alberto Castillo (Former MLB Spring Invite).

Navojoa includes Reid Gorecki (Former Springfield).

Hermosillo includes Fernando Salas (Memphis).

Culiacan includes Mike McCoy (Former Memphis).

Mazatlan includes Edgar Gonzalez (Former Springfield).

Obregon includes Iker Franco (Former Springfield).


Mike McCoy (Former Memphis) became the third person in Culiacan history to lead the league in stolen bases and is tied for second all-time in the Culiacan record books. Culiacan Official Site (photo of McCoy included)


Saturday's Games:

Navojoa (32-36) visits Hermosillo (38-29)

Culiacan (30-35) visits Mazatlan (40-28)

Mexicali (34-34) visits Obregon (37-30)



Veracruz Instructional League (Mexico) Championship


Final Regular Season Stats:


Francisco Rivera (Palm Beach-San Andres) played in 22 games going 22-for-68 (.324) with four doubles, one triple, eight RBIs, ten runs, eight walks, four strikeouts, .412 SLG, and .390 OBA.


Joe Rogers (Former Memphis-Cosamoloapan) had a 5-3 record and 2.54 ERA in at least eighth starts (had relief appearances) with two complete games.  He allowed 61 hits, 23 runs (19 earned), three home runs, 15 walks, hit one batter, and struck out 37 over 67.1 innings.

Kit Pellow (Former Memphis-San Andres) played in 15 games going 15-for-53 (.283) with four doubles, seven RBIs, nine runs, 11 walks, nine strikeouts, .358 SLG, and .409 OBA.

Felix Jose (Former St. Louis-Cordoba) played in five games going 2-for-17 (.118) with one home run, four RBIs, one run, two walks, two strikeouts, .294 SLG, and .200 OBA.

Alexander Francisco (Former DSL-Cordoba) had a 1-3 record and 8.82 ERA in at least four starts.  He allowed 26 hits, 18 runs (16 earned), nine walks, hit two batters, and struck out 11 over 16.1 innings.

Ricardo Rincon (Former St. Louis-Cordoba) had an 0-1 record and 9.00 ERA in at least one start.  He allowed four hits, four runs (three earned), two home runs, one walk, and struck out four over three innings.

Ivan Bellazetin (Former MiLB Spring Invite-Xalapa) played in 18 games going 14-for-42 (.333) with one double, one triple, four RBIs, seven runs, five walks, four strikeouts, .405 SLG, and .404 OBA. 


Saturday's Game:

San Andres visits Xalapa @ 7:00 PM MST.



Venezulean League Round Robin


Makoto (Mac) Suzuki has signed with Margarita and is expected to join the team on Saturday.  He takes the spot of Francisco Samuel (Springfield-Estrellas) on the roster.  Suzuki pitched for Guasave in the Mexican Pacific League earlier in the winter season.  Beisbol Venezolano


The league ruled to allow Jeff Farnsworth (Caribes) to pitch for Margarita in place of Carlos Silva (Cubs-Caribes).  The Washington Nationals gave permission to let Alberto Gonzalez to continue on into the round robin. Beisbol Venezolano


Saturday's Games:

Caracas (3-0) visits Margarita (0-2) @ 7:30 PM VST.

Zulia (1-0) visits Magallanes (1-1) @ 7:30 PM VST.



Dominican League Round Robin


Edwin Encarnacion (Blue Jays-Aguilas) was injured in an accident with fireworks while celebrating the New Year: Listin Diario


Listin Diario takes a look at some of the top players from the league that never made it to the majors: Listin Diario


Albert Pujols (St. Louis-Gigantes) was named the Latin Player of the Decade by ESPN.


Saturday's Games:

Escogido (3-2) visits Licey (2-3) @ 7:30 PM AST.

Azucareros (2-3) visits Gigantes (3-2) @ 7:30 PM AST.



Colombian League Round Robin


Final Regular Season Stats:


Chris Swauger (Palm Beach-Barranquilla) played in 53 games going 57-for-184 (.310) with 11 doubles, three triples, four home runs, 28 RBIs, 41 runs, 24 walks, two stolen bases, 21 strikeouts, and .467 SLG.

Donovan Solano (Memphis-Barranquilla) played in 44 games going 55-for-172 (.320) with seven doubles, two triples, five home runs, 26 RBIs, 32 runs, 12 walks, five stolen bases, 24 strikeouts, and .471 SLG.

Adron Chambers (Palm Beach-Barranquilla) played in 47 games going 69-for-189 (.365) with 11 doubles, seven triples, two home runs, 29 RBIs, 40 runs, 28 walks, 11 stolen bases, 29 strikeouts, and .529 SLG.

Mark Shorey (Memphis-Barranquilla) played in 54 games going 66-for-196 (.337) with 12 doubles, two triples, seven home runs, 38 RBIs, 36 runs, 28 walks, 30 Strikeouts, and .526 SLG.

John DeAguas (VSL-Monteria) made seven relief appearances posting an 0-0 record and 4.43 ERA.  He allowed ten hits, three earned runs, five walks, threw one wild pitch, and struck out four over 6.1 innings.

Luis Orozco (GCL-Sincelejo) made 23 relief appearances posting a 2-2 record, 3.99 ERA, and two saves.  He allowed 24 hits, 14 runs (12 earned), four home runs, hit two batters, walked 16, and struck out 21 over 27.1 innings.


Javier Colina (Former Memphis-Monteria) played in 40 games going 44-for-148 (.297) with 14 doubles, two triples, five home runs, 43 RBIs, 35 runs, 12 walks, one stolen base, 14 strikeouts, and .520 SLG.

Carlos Pupo (Former Quad Cities-Sincelejo) played in 28 games going 15-for-80 (.188) with four doubles, three home runs, 12 RBIs, 20 runs, 24 walks, 21 strikeouts, and .350 SLG.


Carlos Sosa (MiLB Free Agent-Sincelejo) who won the Triple Crown and is a candidate for the MVP, talks a little about the winter season and his career: El Heraldo


Barranquilla's Round Robin Draft selection Juan Diaz headed home, so the team picked up Jonathan Tucker (Cartagena) and Ismael Casto (Cartagena).  Barranquilla also signed Miguel Pinango (Yucatan/Caribes) and Jose Escalona (MiLB Free Agent/Lara).  El Heraldo


No games Saturday, Sunday's games:

Sincelejo (25-29) visits Monteria (30-24)



Nicaraguan League


Saturday's Games:

Chinandega (20-26) visits Leon (25-21)

Managua (22-24) visits Granada (25-21)

La Prensa Preview



Puerto Rican League


Casey Mulligan (Springfield-Caguas) has made 12 relief appearances posting an 0-1 record, 7.94 ERA, two holds, and three saves.  He's allowed 14 hits, ten earned runs, seven walks, and struck out nine over 11.1 innings.

Luis Mateo (Johnson City-Carolina) has played in five games going 1-for-2 (.500) with one double, two total bases, one run, .500 OBP, 1.000 SLG, and 1.500 OPS.

Ruben Gotay (MiLB Signing-Carolina) has played in 27 games going 19-for-91 (.209) with seven doubles, one triple, 12 RBIs, 28 total bases, 13 runs, 12 walks, two stolen bases, 23 strikeouts, two caught stealing, .295 OBP, .308 SLG, and 603 OPS.

Antonio DeJesus (Springfield-Mayaguez) has played in ten games going 1-for-11 (.091) with one total base, two runs, one strikeout, .091 OBP, .091 SLG, and .182 OPS.

Hector Hernandez (GCL-Mayaguez) has made eight appearances (one start) posting a 1-1 record, 10.24 ERA, and two holds.  He's allowed 15 hits, 13 runs (11 earned), five walks, and struck out four over 9.2 innings.

Pete Parise (Memphis-Ponce) has made 12 relief appearances posting a 1-3 record, 3.94 ERA, and two holds.  He's allowed 14 hits, seven earned runs, seven walks, and struck out nine over 16 innings.


Armando Rios (Former Memphis-Carolina) has played in 24 games going 27-for-69 (.391) with seven doubles, 12 RBIs, 34 total bases, ten runs, nine walks, five stolen bases, ten strikeouts, three caught stealing, .469 OBP, .493 SLG, and .962 OPS.

Raul Gonzalez (Former Memphis-Ponce/Carolina) has played in 32 games going 37-for-110 (.336) with ten doubles, one home run, 14 RBIs, 50 total bases, 19 runs, 16 walks, 20 strikeouts, one caught stealing, .431 OBP, .455 SLG, and .885 OPS.

Ivan Maldonado (Former MiLB Spring Invite-Carolina) has made nine relief appearances posting a 1-0 record, 4.15 ERA, one hold, and three saves.  He's allowed seven hits, four earned runs, one home run, eight walks, and struck out nine over 8.2 innings.

Johnny Hernandez (Former Palm Beach-Mayaguez) has played in 15 games going 8-for-38 (.211) with two doubles, one RBI, ten total bases, six runs, three walks, two stolen bases, six strikeouts, one caught stealing, .268 OBP, .263 SLG, and 531 OPS.

Mike Maroth (Former St. Louis-Mayaguez) has made six appearances (four starts) posting a 2-0 record, 2.25 ERA, and one hold.  He's allowed 21 hits, six earned runs, hit three batter, walked 12 batters, and struck out nine over 24 innings.

Julian Tavarez (Former St. Louis-Mayaguez) has made two appearances (one start) posting an 0-0 record and 10.38 ERA.  He's allowed seven hits, six runs (five earned), four walks, and struck out three over 4.1 innings.

Prentice Redman (Former Memphis-Ponce) has played in 32 games going 36-for-113 (.319) with six doubles, one triple, two home runs, 14 RBIs, 50 total bases, 18 runs, 14 walks, four stolen bases, 26 strikeouts, .397 OBP, .442 SLG, and .874 OPS.

Robinson Cancel (Former Memphis-Ponce) has played in five games going 3-for-16 (.188) with three total bases, one run, four strikeouts, .188 OBP, .188 SLG, and .375 OPS.

Miguel Negron (Former MLB Spring Invite-Arecibo) has played in 26 games going 30-for-91 (.330) with six doubles, one triple, one home run, nine RBIs, 41 total bases, 19 runs, 22 walks, three stolen bases, 18 strikeouts, two caught stealing, .465 OBP, .451 SLG, and .915 OPS.

D'Angelo Jimenez (Former Memphis-Licey/Arecibo) has played in 11 games going 12-for-37 (.324) with three doubles, one home run, seven RBIs, 18 total bases, five runs, six walks, six strikeouts, .419 OBP, .486 SLG, and .905 OPS.

Bill Pulsipher (Former St. Louis-Arecibo) has made seven starts posting a 1-4 record and 3.15 ERA.  He's allowed 42 hits, 13 runs (12 earned), hit one batter, walked seven, and struck out 22 over 34.1 innings.

Mike Smith (Former Memphis-Arecibo) has made one start allowing three hits, four earned runs, three walks, and stricking out two over 1.2 innings.


Saturday's Games:

Caguas (13-19) visits Mayaguez (15-19) @ 7:15 PM AST.

Carolina (17-14) visits Arecibo (21-11) @ 7:30 PM AST.



International Market Place


The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were impressed by Aroldis Chapman's workout in Houston last month and plan to toss their hat into the ring.  The team thinks they may have an inside edge since Kendry Morales is friends with the left-handed pitcher. Angels Official Site


Florida Marlins' MLB beat writer Joe Frisaro posted that the team may have some extra money to pursue Chapman since the team is slotted 23rd in the 2010 draft.


And coming out of the woodwork...the Toronto Blue Jays had a private workout with the 21-year old Cuban defector on Thursday.  The team was not interested earlier in the offseason, due to lack of information available on Chapman, but things may change.  Blue Jays Official Site



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