2010 Cardinals Prospect #13 – Bryan Anderson

Can the former top-three prospect stem his slide and discover the power long-expected from him?

Scout.com Player Profile (including links to full 2009 and career stats)

2009 rank Pos. DOB Ht. Wt. Bat Throw Signed Round
3 C 12/16/1986 6-1 200 L R 2005 4th

School: Simi Valley High School, California

Selected 2009 stats

GCL 0.313 16 3 5 0 0 1 2 4 4 1 0.45 0.500 0.950
MEM 0.245 163 22 40 7 3 4 11 10 42 1 0.293 0.399 0.692
Tot 0.251 179 25 45 7 3 5 13 14 46 2 0.309 0.408 0.717
AFL 0.250 44 6 11 0 1 0 6 7 11 0 0.346 0.295 0.642

Staff comments (individual rankings in parentheses)

Dustin Mattison (14): After finishing in the top five of the rankings the past few years, Anderson falls on the heels of a shoulder injury. Plus, due to the slow development of his defensive acumen, he has fallen behind Matt Pagnozzi on the organizational depth chart.

Anderson still has a sweet left-handed stroke that some scouts thought would eventually develop some power. But, the power has yet to develop leading some including some in the organization to lose hope in the California native.

I still believe in the bat of Anderson. I believe he can hit at the big league level but I don't believe the power will develop. Also, I know he is not the strongest defensively, but there is still time for improvement. Remember, he is still very young, having only turned 23 a couple of weeks ago.

Message board community (15): Bryan Anderson slid from 4th in the community rankings last year to 15th this year. I was tempted to just post the story on him from last year, because this year was pretty much lost. In 2008, he posted a .937 OPS in Double-A then .745 in Triple-A as a 21-year-old catcher - very promising numbers.

Then this year that slid to a .692 OPS in Triple-A at 22. His OBP took a particular hit, falling from .367 to .293. Getting on base has long been one of Anderson's strengths, so that drop was disconcerting. He played in the Arizona Fall League this year and did rebound to a .346 OBP, but slugged only .295. He hit righties (.743 OPS) much better than lefties (.282) in a very small sample (44 at-bats total). Anderson was injured much of 2009 and it's difficulty to know how much of his struggle was due to that.

The knocks on him in the past have been his defense and power. But young lefty-hitting catchers who can get on base often have good futures in front of them. If he shows he's healthy and can handle the defense, I would think his path to the big leagues would get open pretty quick, as a platoon catcher, if nothing else. - Gagliano

Brian Walton (12): Yes, there is still time, but Anderson needs to restore his prospect luster early in 2010, if not for the Cardinals organization, then for himself. His OPS during his rookie season was roughly .900, followed by a pair of .800 OPS years, capped by a .717 2009. You get the trend.

With Yadier Molina only furthering his grip on the starting role in St. Louis and with three more years on his current contract, nothing will be happening other than the annual addition of a low-salaried 150 at-bat reserve, a role currently played by Jason LaRue. As such, for some time Anderson seemed the Cardinals prospect most appropriately traded, yet he remains. That needs to change as soon as he can right his ship.

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