2010 Cards Minors Spring Training Schedules

March Single, Double and Triple-A schedules for the St. Louis Cardinals prospects during spring training in Florida.

The back diamonds of Jupiter's Roger Dean Stadium complex should be a mandatory destination for any St. Louis Cardinals fan heading to spring training. There, several hundred minor leaguers are preparing for their season.

Minor League pitchers and catchers will report on Monday, March 8, with their first workout the next day. Position players will join them on Wednesday, March 10.

The Jupiter complex offers great opportunities to get up close and personal with prospects. Most March mornings, players will be working out in preparation for 1:00 P.M. games that begin on Thursday, March 18 and run through Saturday, April 3.

The group will train together for six days before their first intersquad games on March 17. The first contests against external competition will be against their co-inhabitants in Jupiter, the Florida Marlins, on March 18. Camp will break on April 4, though the Springfield and Palm Beach clubs will play their final Florida contests on the 3rd.

As usual and natural, the Cardinals and the Marlins farmhands face off frequently, seven times. The good news is that the "road" trips are only to the Marlins' side of the Jupiter complex.

The only other MLB organization remaining in the area, the Mets (Port St. Lucie), 33 miles from Jupiter, make up the remainder of the Cardinals schedule. Same as in 2009, the five Mets dates are split – where the Cards' Triple-A (Memphis) and Double-A (Springfield) teams play in one location while the Single-A squads (Palm Beach and Quad Cities) compete on the other organization's fields.

The good news in that is there will not be a single day during this period when there won't be baseball being played on the back diamonds of Roger Dean. Sometimes, the players on both dugouts will be wearing the same red uniforms, though. Due to fact there are an uneven number of clubs in a reasonable proximity to Jupiter, six intersquad dates are on the 2010 schedule. They offer the opportunity to see even more Cardinals prospects in action as typically the Triple-A and Double-A teams face off as do the A-level trams.

So far, one extra home game has been added to the schedule, as the Long Island Storm will be the second Quad Cities club on March 19. Others may be added against local colleges or traveling amateur teams. On those dates as well all Marlins games, a total of five Cardinals minor league games will often be on tap, possible because the Quad Cities roster is so large it can be split into two separate clubs. The fifth game also depends on both sides having available arms that need work.

Again, every day - even on Camp days - one or more of the Cardinals minor league squads will be playing in Jupiter. With the respective home plates on the Roger Dean back quads, named in honor of the departed great George Kissell, arranged in close proximity to each other like in a softball complex, one can easily move among the various games by taking just a few steps.

You never know who you'll see while there, and best of all, it is free! So, if you're interested in the Cardinals minor leaguers, make sure you catch the action this spring in Florida. You'll be glad you did!

2010 Cardinals Minor League Spring Training Schedule
(All Cardinals home games start on or about 1:00 p.m. Eastern, unless they need to make a change, in which case, they will!)

Date Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Quad Cities QC 2
Triple-A Double-A A-Advanced A A
11-16-Mar workouts workouts workouts workouts
17-Mar Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad
18-Mar vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins
19-Mar Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad LI Storm
20-Mar vs Mets vs Mets @ Mets @ Mets
21-Mar @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins
22-Mar vs Mets vs Mets @ Mets @ Mets
23-Mar Camp Day Camp Day Camp Day Camp Day Gildea's
24-Mar @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins
25-Mar vs Mets vs Mets @ Mets @ Mets WFAST
26-Mar Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad
27-Mar vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins
28-Mar @ Mets @ Mets vs Mets vs Mets
29-Mar @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins @ Marlins
30-Mar @ Mets @ Mets vs Mets vs Mets
31-Mar Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad
1-Apr vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins vs Marlins
2-Apr Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad Intersquad
3-Apr @ Marlins Break Camp Break Camp @ Marlins @ Marlins
4-Apr Break Camp   Break Camp

(Note: Bold text indicates the club will not be in Jupiter that day.)

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