Cardinals Winter Leagues Notebook: 02/05/10

In the Caribbean Series on Thursday, Pete Parise went three strong innings and picked up a hold for Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Series


Fernando Salas (Memphis-Hermosillo) entered in the seventh and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or run, two walks, threw one wild pitch, and struck out two. (p-s:27-14)(g/f:0-1)


Bill Pulsipher (Former St. Louis-Mayaguez) started and pitched five innings.  He allowed five hits, two runs (one earned), two walks (one intentional), and struck out two for the winning decision (1-0). (p-s:79-49)(g/f:8-5)

Pete Parise (Memphis-Mayaguez) entered in the sixth and pitched three innings.  He allowed one hit, no runs, and struck out four for the hold (1). (p-s:38-38)(g/f:2-3)


Mayaguez beat Hermosillo 5-3

Caribbean Series Official Site Post Game


Pablo Ozuna (Former Peoria-Escogido) started at second base and batted ninth.  0-for-1 with two runs, two walks, one stolen base, and assisted in one double play.

Nerio Rodriguez (Former St. Louis-Escogido) started and pitched 5.2 innings.  He allowed five hits, two earned runs, one home run, and struck out seven. (p-s:95-66)(g/f:7-3)

Julio Manon (Former Johnson City-Escogido) entered in the eighth and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs, and struck out one for the hold (1). (p-s:12-8)(g/f:2-0)


Escogido beat Caracas 3-2

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Mayaguez manager Mako Oliveras praised Pulsipher and Parise for their performances on Thursday: Primera Hora


Fernando Tatis (Former St. Louis-Estrellas) was announced as a reinforcement for Escogido, but chose not to go: Estrellas Official Site


Both the Cuban and Colombian Leagues are looking to get into the Caribbean Series sometime in the near future.  Luis Sojo is no longer the manager of Lara in the Venezuelan League and is a candidate to take over for Jose Offerman with Licey in the Dominican League.  ESPN Deportes


Andres Galarraga (Former St. Louis) was in attendance for the series on Thursday.


Friday's Games:

Escogido (Dominican, 3-0) visits Mayaguez (Puerto Rico, 1-2) @ 3:30 PM EST.

Caracas (Venezuela, 1-2) visits Hermosillo (Mexico, 1-2) @ 7:30 PM EST.


A new Winter League agreement was passed on Thursday:

  • Players will have to get permission from winter teams in order to participate in fan fests or other programs while involved in the winter league.
  • Extreme fatigue clause was implemented for catchers.  This is to keep major league teams from pulling players when the winter teams head into the playoffs.
  • MLB has the right to pull a player if the team finds out he hid injuries just to play in during the winter season.  That player will not be able to play for the remainder of the season or the following year.
  • Extreme fatigue clause was lowered 10 innings on pitchers.
  • Sanctions will be imposed, up to three years of loss of player, if a winter league teams uses a player without permission from his major league affiliate.
  • Winter league teams will have to upgrade their stadiums and various other areas where the players practice or play to prevent injuries.
  • Winter league teams are recommended to upgrade their security.
  • Winter league teams are required to have one seat available for a scout for each game.
  • Native players now include those that had their grandparents born in one particular country.


Nicaraguan National Championship


Friday's Opening Day Games:

Matagalpa visits Costa

Boaca (Alvaro Lopez) visits Jinotega

Las Segovias visits Carazo (Diego Sandino)

Chontales visits Leon

Rivas visits Managua

Esteli visits Chinandega

Masaya visits Granada (Armando Hernandez)


La Prensa Opening Day Notes



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