Cardinals Winter Leagues Notebook: 02/06/10

Taiwanese left-handed hitter Chi-Hung Hsu may be a scouting target of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Caribbean Series


Pablo Ozuna (Former Peoria-Escogido) started at second base and batted ninth.  1-for-4 with one run.


Armando Rios (Former Memphis-Mayaguez) started in right field and batted third.  1-for-3 with one caught stealing.


Mayaguez beat Escogido 7-3

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Hermosillo beat Caracas 3-2

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Andres Galarraga (Former St. Louis) may be in Detroit Tigers spring camp to help Miguel Cabrera get past some of his personal problems.  Galarraga worked with Cabrera during the World Baseball Classic in the transition from third to first base: MLB Official Site


The Caribbean Series held a baseball clinic for children between 6-10 years old.  Abraham Nunez (Former St. Louis-Escogido), Bill Pulsipher (Former St. Louis-Mayaguez), and Armando Rios (Former Memphis-Mayaguez) were among some of the players that participated: Caribbean Series Official Site


Randy Ruiz (Blue Jays-Mayaguez) has lost the weight recommended by the Toronto Blue Jays in order to fight for a spot on the roster: El Universal


ESPN's Jorge Arangure takes a look at how the new agreement between the MLB and winter leagues could change who now plays during the cold months: ESPN


Luis Sojo (Former Lara MGR) is looking forward to the possibility of managing Licey in the Dominican League: ESPN Deportes


Saturday's Games:

Hermosillo (Mexico, 2-2) visits Escogido (Dominican, 3-1) @ 3:30 PM EST.

Mayaguez (Puerto Rico, 2-2) visits Caracas (Venezuela, 1-3) @ 7:30 PM EST.



Nicaraguan National Championship


Friday's Results:

Matagalpa beat Costa Caribe 5-0

Chontales beat Leon 8-3

Las Segovias beat Carazo 12-6

Jinotega beat Boaca 4-2

Managua beat Frente Sur 1-0

Chinandega beat Esteli 5-4 in 10 innings

Granada beat Masaya 4-0

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Saturday's Games:

Matagalpa (1-0) visits Costa Caribe (0-1)

Boaco (0-1) visits Jinotega (1-0)

Las Segovias (1-0) visits Carazo (0-1)

Chontales (1-0) visits Leon (0-1)

Frente Sur (0-1) visits Managua (1-0)

Esteli (0-1) visits Chinandega (1-0)

Masaya (0-1) visits Granada (1-0)



International Market Place


I exchanged emails with the editor of the Taiwan Baseball Blogspot on one of his recent posts concerning the Cardinals scouting right-handed pitcher Hao-Chun Chiu and left-handed hitter Chi-Hung Hsu.  He said he had sources that told him about the situation but Matt Slater was not mentioned, only an educated guess.  Slater is the head scout in the Asian market for the St. Louis Cardinals.


The Oakland Athletics signed right-handed pitcher Michael Feliz, the Milwaukee Brewers signed right-handed pitcher Eduard Reyes, and the Tampa Bay Rays signed shortstop Juan Tapia.  All three played in the Dominican Prospect League: DPL Official Site


Cuban first baseman Leslie Anderson will have a workout for teams in Mexico on Friday.


The Toronto Blue Jays, Colorado Rockies, and Boston Red Sox look to be the front runners for Cuban first baseman Jose Julio Ruiz.



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