Cards Minors Spring Training Working Rosters

An early-camp view of how St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are grouped, pre-team designation.

Following are the four working groups which will eventually morph into the Memphis, Springfield, Palm Beach, and two Quad Cities rosters by the time the first official minor league spring games are played on the 18th.

Ultimately, of course, there will be only one 2010 River Bandits club, with those players not released or placed on the disabled list remaining behind for extended spring training camp, which begins on April 6.

While these rosters have illustrative value, they will change quite dramatically in the upcoming days. Names will shift to the right in a wholesale manner as players are sent down from major league camp and spring performance dictates.

After all, there is almost an entire full team's worth of "extra" players still in big league camp. Of the 48 players there, almost half of them, 23, are not going to make the active major league roster to open the season.

Group 1 (44) Group 2 (33) Group 3 (35) Group 4 (37)
P Additon Bradford Blazek Butler
Broderick Buursma Calhoun Daugherty
Castillo, R Carpenter, D Corrigan DeJesus, An
Daley Delgado Edwards, Ju Ferrara
Dickson Diapoules Gonzalez, J Gonzalez, R
Eager Fornataro Hooker Heim
Fick Frevert Kelly Hernandez, H
Fiske Martinez, Y Lavigne Johnson, C
Furnish McGregor Maertz Kington
Garceau Nieto Mayes Lawler
Gonzalez Pichardo McCully Notti
Gorgen Rodriguez, P Moss Novak
Hearne Schneider Rada Rosenthal
King Summers Rosales Russell
Kopp Tapia, M Siegrist Santos
Kulik Thomas Simpson Thompson
Meyer Veres Smith, J
Mulligan Squatrito
Reifer Terry
C Cruz, T Castro DeLaCruz, L Alcala
Derba Cutler Stock Diaz (T/O)
Hill, S Espinoza Tartamella Garcia, A
Murphy Montero
Perez, A
1B Arburr Morales Adams Rodriguez, J
Brown Rivera Scruggs
Smith, C
IF Carpenter, M Bolivar Goodwin Alvarez
Descalso Castellanos, A Jackson Castillo, Y
Folli Curtis Racobaldo DeLaCruz, R
Howard Garcia, Jo Stidham Mateo
Kozma Marmol Vasquez Obregon
Martinez, Jo Ruiz
Sedbrook Valera
OF Cazana Bogany Conley Beatty
Chambers Ingram Edwards, Jo Hill, V
DeJesus, A Parejo Gomez Lara
Henley Pham Mitchell Rosario
Luna Rodriguez, R Shepherd Smith, R
Rapoport Swauger Swinson Washington

For ongoing information on rosters and to view our detailed player information pages, please click on the red bar just below "The Cardinal Nation" logo where it says "Minor League Rosters." Once there, be sure you select the 2010 version and click on a player's name to be taken to his individual page. For example, here is the link to the Memphis page.

Note that selected interim spring training camp movements will be reflected in the Cardinals system Roster Matrix on The Cardinal Nation Blog. All rosters will be updated in early April once the regular season gets underway, but the main site rosters will remain static until then.

Finally, check back here very soon for the details on a group of players missing from the above rosters.

A bonus look into minor league camp

Rather than just list the players' names, in the following, you can see into the details of what they are doing, courtesy of coordinator Mike Shildt's minor league spring training camp plans. The first two pages on the schedule are from Saturday. Note that Albert Pujols spoke to the minor leaguers on Sunday morning.

Next are the batting practice groups – hitters and pitchers.

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