Cards Non-Final Minors Full-Season Rosters

The St. Louis Cardinals final minor league spring training working rosters give clues to season-opening rosters to be formally announced Thursday.

Since reporting to St. Louis Cardinals minor league spring training camp almost one month ago, 160 players have been vying for a coveted spot on one of the four full-season clubs.

Fewer than 100 will make the cut, many of whom will be catching plane flights on Sunday and Monday to their potential new playing destination in preparation to hear their names announced and sprint out of the dugout to stand on the white lines on opening day, Thursday, April 8.

A handful of the less fortunate will be placed on the disabled list at one level or another with the vast majority of the unassigned remaining behind in Jupiter, Florida for extended spring training camp.

The Cardinals four full-season clubs are:

Triple-A: Memphis Redbirds, Pacific Coast League
Double-A: Springfield Cardinals, Texas League
A-Advanced: Palm Beach Cardinals, Florida State League
Class A: Quad Cities River Bandits

Though preliminary rosters are being used prior to Thursday for local activities such as media days, open houses, player meet and greet events, etc, the reality is that until Thursday, changes can and will be made. Therefore, nothing you see or hear from here or anywhere else should be considered the "official opening day rosters." They just don't exist yet.

For example, one position where expected churn will occur is catcher, where projected Memphis starter Matt Pagnozzi remains with the major league club as insurance for recently-injured regulars Yadier Molina and Jason LaRue. The Springfield News-Leader reported on Saturday that Tony Cruz, now listed on Memphis' roster, will be assigned to Palm Beach instead.

Further, as you will see below, none of the clubs are yet down to their required season-opening 24/25-man roster limit. As such, further movement is not only expected, it will be a necessity.

With all those caveats, here are the working rosters as of Saturday, April 3.

Memphis (27) Springfield (28) Palm Beach (30) Quad Cities (27)
Dickson, Brandon Additon, Nick* Bittle, Scott Blazek, Mike
Hearne, Trey Daley, Gary Bradford, Jared Calhoun, Dan*
Hill, Rich* Dew, Josh Broderick, Brian Corrigan, Chris
Kinney, Josh Eager, Thomas Brown, George* Fornataro, Eric
Lynn, Lance Fick, Chuckie Buursma, Jason Hooker, Deryk
MacLane, Evan Garceau, Shaun Carpenter, David Kelly, Joe
Norrick, Tyler* Gorgen, Scott Castillo, Richard
Ottavino, Adam King, Blake Delgado, Ramon Mayes, La Curtis
Parise, Pete Kopp, David Diapoules, Mark Miller, Shelby
Perez, Oneli Kulik, Ryan* Notti, Chris
Rundles, Rich* Meyer, Matt* Frevert, Matt Rondon, Jorge
Salas, Fernando Mura, Kyle McGregor, Scott Schneider, Scott
Scherer, Matt Reifer, Adam Mulligan, Casey Simpson, Jesse
Walters, P.J. Samuel, Francisco Nieto, Arquimedes Tapia, Miguel
Sanchez, Eduardo Pichardo, Joel Terry, Aaron
Thomas, Kevin
Anderson, Bryan* Cutler, Charles* DeLaCruz, Luis Castro, Ivan
Cruz, Tony Hill, Steven Derba, Nick  Stock, Robert
Espinoza, Roberto
Descalso, Daniel* Brown, Andrew Bolivar, Domnit Adams, Matt*
Gotay, Ruben Folli, Mike# Carpenter, Matt* Jackson, Ryan
Greene, Tyler Kozma, Pete Curtis, Jermaine Rodriguez, Jonathan
Hamilton, Mark* Martinez, Jose Garcia, Jose Stidham, Jason*
Howard, Kevin* Sedbrook, Colt Marmol, Oliver Vasquez, Niko
Solano, Donovan Smith, Curt Morales, Osvaldo Mateo, Luis
Racobaldo, Rich
Rivera, Francisco*
Scruggs, Xavier
Cazana, Amaury Chambers, Adron* Castellanos, Alex Conley, Kyle
Henley, Tyler* DeJesus, Antonio* Pham, Tommy Ingram, D'Marcus
Jay, Jon* Jones, Daryl* Swauger, Chris* Parejo, Frederick
Robinson, Shane Luna, Aaron Rodriguez, Ryde
Shorey, Mark* Rapoport, Jim* Shepherd, Devin 
* Left-handed
# Switch-hitter

Following are the projected extended spring training holdovers and the players in the rehab program, open to the same disclaimers as noted above. 20 additional players are traveling to Florida to join this group of 45 this coming week.

Extended ST (45) Rehab (4)
Butler, Keith Cardenas, Hector*
Daugherty, Pat* Echevarria, Angelo
DeJesus, Angel Freeman, Samuel*
Edwards, Justin* Perez, Audry
Ferrara, Anthony*
Heim, Kyle*
Hernandez, Hector*
Johnson, Cale
Kington, David
Lawler, Travis
McCully, Nick
Moss, Andrew
North, Matt
Novak, Jason
Rada, Jose
Rosenthal, Trevor
Russell, Zach
Siegrist, Kevin*
Smith, Justin
Squatrito, Josh
Summers, Houston
Thompson, Michael
Zawacki, Brett
Alcala, Yorbel
Diaz, Andres
Garcia, Anthony
Montero, Jesus
Moscatel, Kevin
Tartamella, Travis
Alvarez, Hector
Castillo, Yunier#
DeLaCruz, Roberto
Goodwin, Devin
Obregon, Ted
Valera, Cesar
Beatty, CJ #
Bogany, Jarred
Edwards, Jon
Hill, Virgil
Lara, Edgar
Rosario, Rainel
Ruiz, Romulo
Smith, Ross
Swinson, Michael*
Washington, David*

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