Cardinals 2010 Draft Interviews: Geoff Klein

Senior Minor League Writer Dustin Mattison caught up recently with the St. Louis Cardinals' 15th round pick, Geoff Klein.

When the St. Louis Cardinals drafted in the 15th round of the 2010 MLB First Year Draft, the team had to be somewhat surprised that a player like Geoff Klein was on the board. The Santa Clara catcher was coming off his second selection as first team West Coast Conference pick. Klein hit .346/.432/.525 with six home runs and 47 RBIs this spring.

The 6-foot-4 switch hitter started every game for the Broncos and 26 of his 75 hits were for extra bases. In 2009, Klein was the conference's co-batting champ with a .379 average.

Before starting his professional career with the Batavia Muckdogs, Geoff took time out to answer some questions.

Dustin Mattison: Describe to me what you were doing when you found out you were drafted.

Geoff Klein: I was actually at the gym. It's a pretty nerve racking experience waiting to hear your name called. So, I was kind of just trying to stay away from the computer and let it happen.

DM: Were the Cardinals the team that you expected to pick you?

GK: I was surprised but thrilled to get drafted by the Cardinals; I wasn't in contact as much with them as much as some other teams. I talked to almost all of the teams, some more than others but the Cardinals definitely weren't the 1st team I thought would take me.

DM: What do you know about the Cardinals organization?

GK: The Cards are a great organization that are always in contention and are a great big league team and overall organization. I know where the Cardinals minor league teams are and thats about it. I know that its a perfect club for me to get drafted by and that they do a great job with player development. Everything I've heard about their facilities and instructors is that they are phenomenal. I couldn't be more excited.

DM: Give me a scouting report on you as a player.

GK: I've never been asked to describe myself so it's kind of tough. But I'd say I'm a patient hitter with a good eye who hits line drives, a lot of doubles in the gaps with occasional power that will develop as I get bigger and stronger. Behind the plate I have good awareness and have played the position my whole life, so that's where I feel at home. I pride myself on how I handle pitchers/call a game. I'll work my tail off to get better and learn every day to improve my game.

DM: Is there a major league player that you would compare yourself to?

GK: Tough question. There are a lot of guys I like to try to model my game after, but comparing myself to a big leaguer is a tough call. I'd have to say Geoff Blum or Jorge Posada, switch hitters with a good approach at the plate and that can drive in runs and help lead a team with the experience that I have.

DM: When you are not playing baseball, how do you like to spend your time?

GK: I like hanging out with my buddies, watching baseball, working out, playing volleyball, and going to the beach.

DM: If you were not a baseball player, you would be a….

GK: If I weren't a baseball player I'd probably be a fireman.

DM: Who are you picking in the World Cup?

GK: I got Spain in the World Cup, but watch out for Portugal though, they're my sleeper.

DM: Tell me something about yourself that most people won't know about you.

GK: I'm 1/4 Peruvian and I used to speak French when I was little kid.

I thank Geoff for his time and wish him the best of luck in his professional career.

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