2010 Cardinals Draft Interview: Boone Whiting

The St. Louis Cardinals' 18th round pick and new member of the Johnson City Cardinals, Boone Whiting, recently spoke with Senior Minor League Writer Dustin Mattison.

In the 18th round of the 2010 MLB First Year Player Draft, the St. Louis Cardinals found a pitcher from the smallest Division I school in the country. Their choice was Boone Whiting out of Centenary College, located in Shreveport, LA.

During his junior season for the Gents, Whiting struck out a staggering 120 batters in only 84 innings of work. He finished the season with a record of 6-2 and a 3.21 ERA. Along the way, he became the shool's all-time leader in strikeouts, along with earning Summit League Pitcher of the Year and First Team All-League honors as well as being named Third Team All-American.

Before beginning his professional career with the Johnson City Cardinals this Tuesday, Boone was kind enough to take time to answer the following questions.

Dustin Mattison: Thanks so much for taking time to do this. Have you and the team reached an agreement and have you gotten your assignment?

Boone Whiting: Yes I will be playing in Johnson City, TN, in the Appalachian league.

DM: Describe to me what you were doing when you found out you were drafted.

BW: I first heard the news while I was on the Santa Barbara Forrester's team bus heading to Compton where I was about to pitch. I was with the whole team and I was listening to music and all of a sudden everyone stood up on the bus and started shaking my hand and congratulating me.

DM: Were the Cardinals the team that you expected would pick you?

BW: Out of all the teams that were talking to me I felt pretty confident that the Cardinals would be the ones to draft me.

DM: What other teams were in the mix?

BW: The Rockies, Padres and Angels were the other teams interested in me.

DM: What do you know about the Cardinals organization?

BW: I know they hold the National League record for Word Series Championships. Only the Yankees have won more. The Cardinals also used to be called the Stockings and our rivalry is with the Cubs. They are a great organization and I look forward to being a part of it.

DM: What do you know about its minor league system?

BW: I do not know a whole lot about the minor league system. I know some of the teams are located around Tennessee and the Triple-A team is in the Pacific Coast League. I look forward to learning as much as I can while I am playing in the system.

DM: Give me a scouting report on you as a player.

BW: I'm a right handed pitcher and throw four pitches: fastball, slider, curveball and change-up. I am not a power pitcher I try to mix my pitches and keep the hitters off balance.

DM: Is there a major league player that you would compare yourself to?

BW: I have always idolized Greg Maddux because he was one of the smartest pitchers in the game and I try to use my brain to out-smart my opponents and read hitters like he did.

DM: Tell me about the biggest game you have played in?

BW: The biggest game I have ever played in was probably when I pitched against Bear River in my high school championship game. Our school had never won a championship for baseball and I ended up pitching a one hitter and was awarded player of the game as we won 12-0.

DM: When you are not playing baseball, how do you like to spend your time?

BW: When I am not playing baseball I like to play a lot of golf, pool, or ping pong.

DM: If you were not a baseball player, you would be a…..

BW: Doctor. I was majoring in neuroscience in college and I plan on obtaining my undergraduate degree and go to graduate school in the future.

DM: Who are you picking in the World Cup?

BW: I am definitely supporting the USA team in the World Cup.

DM: Tell me something about yourself that most people won't know about you.

BW: I was naturally left-handed, but my dad switched me in everything when I was younger. He didn't notice I shot pool left-handed though, so I still play pool left-handed.

I thank Boone for his time and wish him the best of luck in the Cardinal organization.

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