Scouting Report: Dong-Yub Kim

Northsiders Report offers a detailed scouting report on Boise Hawks outfielder, 22-year-old Korean Dong-Yub Kim.

No organization is more accustomed to developing Korean-born talent than the Chicago Cubs. In recent years, signings of players like Kyung-Min Na and Hak-Ju Lee have led to key trade pieces later on.

Both Na and Lee made their first stops in Boise, Idaho with the Class-A short season Boise Hawks, which was also the 2012 destination of their successor, outfielder Dong-Yub Kim.

Unlike Lee and Na, Kim stands in with a powerful 6-foot-4 inch, 200-pound frame, providing a strong basis for power and offensive production. In Na's 2011 stint with the Hawks, his lack of size made it incredibly difficult for him to overpower professional pitchers. Coaches were convinced that the 19-year-old Na was not yet ready for minor league baseball in America.

Lee, one of Baseball America's top shortstop prospects, now resides in the Tampa Bay organization, while Na was moved to the San Diego Padres.

Though the raw power appears to be a future upside for Kim, plate discipline is still lacking within the young outfielder. In 23 at bats, Kim has five strikeouts and is yet to record a walk. His long-ball approach to the plate is being critiqued by the Boise coaching staff in hopes to improve his lowly .238 on-base percentage.

Kim, 22, is a defiant first-pitch swinger who lacks the ability to lay off fast balls on the outside half of the plate. Though he rarely goes down on strikes, Kim allows pitchers to get away with many unhittable pitches.

Under the the guidance of current Boise Hawks hitting instructor Bill Buckner, drastic improvements are expected within the next few weeks for Kim and many of his struggling teammates.

Despite necessary corrections to be made in the batter's box, Kim's defensive range and arm strength in centerfield are two of his many skills to marvel at. With the learning curve centered solely around his offensive approach, Kim should, and will, be climbing the ranks of Cubs outfield prospects in the very near future.

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