Dempster a Bargain for Texas

Everyone in baseball knows how loaded the Texas Rangers' farm system is. So, whenever trade talks are initiated with them, there is an elite group of names that are going to immediately be brought up. But, even in landing a very high quality starter in Ryan Dempster, Texas did not have to surrender any of their elite prospects.

Most people in baseball would have to agree that, in all likelihood, the Cubs would have vastly preferred to trade Ryan Dempster to the Braves for Randall Delgado. It would have given them an immediate impact young starter with plus stuff. Of course, Dempster torpedoed that deal and Chicago had to look elsewhere.

As the deadline closed in on Tuesday, however, any team looking to unload a player, including the Cubs, saw their leverage continue to decrease. With their options narrowed and time limited, it became clear that the Cubs would have to settle for something less than big league ready talent. So, instead they received 22-year-old righty, Kyle Hendricks and 21-year-old third base prospect, Christian Villanueva from the Rangers.

These two prospects are nothing to sneeze at, but they are not the best that the supremely talented Texas system has to offer. Villanueva has a lot going for him, but given the Rangers' depth at third base, it doesn't really put a dent in their system to let him go. He will provide a solid lift to the Cubs' system though. He has some power from the right side, handles himself exceptionally well with the glove and has shown a fairly disciplined approach at the plate.

Kyle Hendricks has middle to back of the rotation type upside, but he also looks like a fairly safe bet to reach that type of ceiling. He has a very deep arsenal with a feel for all his pitches.

In other words, the Cubs got two players who look like future big leaguers and they should be given credit for that. But, from Texas' point of view, this is where it pays off to have depth. These players, talented as they may be, were expendable given how deep their minor league system has become.

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