As the bugs continue to be eliminated in the functionality of the new site (FOX Sports NEXT), SeattleClubhouse content will be posted here on the Network.

My sincere apologies for the roller coaster, but we have been instructed by the FOX Admin team to post 100% of our content here on the "old" site until further notice. Too many users are experiencing too many problems for us to move forward we have been told.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments that you think would be helpful or need to be heard, we would like you to send that info to the SeattleClubhouse staff to pass on to the Admin team.

Josh and I will begin working immediately to port the content that we had been posting on the FOX Sports NEXT site over here to the address today/tomorrow. In the meantime, I posted our latest piece (AFL lead-in, starring Mike Zunino) above.

Again, apologies for the back and forth on the "Live!"/"Not Live!" for the new site. I assure you that everyone is working very hard to assure that the next time we "launch" it will be for good.

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