Hoops Practice Notebook 3/23

Hear from Larry Brown and get caught up on the notes from today's practice before the SMU-LSU game.

Larry Brown

Quick Hits:

The team was in pretty high spirits today with a lot of energy and joking around as well.

One thing I've noticed recently is coach Brown being a bit more critical on guys in practice. Everyone knows he stops practice to teach a lot, but the past couple weeks, he has been harsher and more urgent with his corrections, wanting players to push themselves to not make the same mistakes twice.

Coach Maligi and Jankovich worked with the bigs, while Brown and Turner worked with the guards. The guards were told to take game shots on numerous occasions.

The team broke up into two teams and had 10 minutes to make 10 three-pointers from five spots beyond the arc. It was a pretty energized competition, but also funny to see some of the bigs shots go up on occasion.

Coach Brown was critical of Yanick Moreira when he wasn't doing a good enough job of being aggressive in the post. Brown mentioned in his press conference that Moreira will be key to defending LSU's front court.

The team was very physical today especially on defense. The team did a great job of closing down passing lanes and contesting shots during scrimmage.

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