New look for Northsiders Report

Welcome to the new Scout and Northsiders Report—A note from the publisher

Hello loyal Scout readers and welcome to the new Northsiders Report.

Today's refresh is just one of many phases of improvements to Northsiders Report. You will notice that not only are the stories and player profiles easier to read on your computer, but going forward will be on your mobile device as well. In the coming weeks, BP's message boards will also get a refresh, allowing users easier access to the forums from their tablet and smartphone.

As you may or may not know, Scout is your ultimate source for sports, outdoor adventures, and all-American pursuits. From baseball to hunting to fishing to trying out the latest hot gadgets—it's everything you would rather be doing than work.

The content remains the same but some of the additions include the use of high quality photos and new page layouts. We've re-decorated and I hope you like the upgrades.

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