Bank's Second Mailbag: Page-Two/Three

The football season is just a few short weeks of beginning, and in honor of that special time Bill Greene has decided to answer questions from the Ohio State subscribers. These are only the replies to the second and third page of questions.

Will OSU have a top 5 or top 10 class in 2015? -luvosu.

BG: I think there are too many three-stars in the hopper to have a class ranked as high as number-five, but I think top-ten is well within reach. Especially if the big-timers start falling.

How long till Jabba up North gets fired from SCUM...Will he lose his job this year or next year? -BucksDominate.

BG: I actually think Michigan is going to be pretty good this year, but I don't think a 7-win season would bode well for Brady Hoke. They might be a little reluctant to fire him after whacking RichRod after three years, but he'd better win eight. Or more. And a win over Michigan State/Ohio State/Notre Dame better be one of them.

In your opinion, who are the top three head coaches of all-time at Ohio State? -TheSweaterVest.

BG: WOW, what a question. I don't know how far you want to go back, but let's go with Woody in the top spot. Tress in the second spot. I don't know a thing about Carroll Widdoes other than his record, so let's go with Earle and Coop at 3 and 3A.

What is your all time favorite recruiting story? -Pavs38.

BG: Actually, there are a million of them, to be honest. Watching the Ryan Shazier deal unfold in front of my eyes was fascinating stuff. We basically were reporting what was happening in real time, and it was unbelievable to watch that one twist and turn. I would pay big money to have that thread/threads on Ryan resurrected. It would be great stuff to be able to go back through it again, and watch how that one progressed.

what is Ohio States records this year? -osubucks27.

BG: It's so impossible to predict, but I think at the end of the year they will have a three in the loss column. I think they take a step back from the previous two seasons, but nobody knows. Nobody had Auburn in the title game last year after going oh-fer in the SEC the year before. You play it out, and you get what you earn.

How many players will sign with the Buckeyes for 2015? -cwerph.

BG: Well, the head coach is saying 15, but I think he mis-spoke about the numbers. I would say 21 or 22 should be feasible.

Bill, So, who do you have in the Playoff? -BuckeyeBacker.

BG: I have Georgia winning the whole thing. Which I have every year, LOL. I see The Dawgs edging out Florida State in a thriller to win it all. For the other two, I have Oklahoma and Alabama losing in the semi finals.

List this years, Ohio St.'s best RB's 1-5. And how long before Berger becomes a All-American? -badlandsbuck.

BG: I would go 1- Zeke. 2- Rod Smith. 3- Brionte Dunn. 4- Warren Ball. 5- One of the specialty guys, probably Wilson. As for Berger, if the knee is 110%, there is definitely a chance for that to happen at some point. He has speed, size, attitude, work ethic, leadership and intelligence. He needs health.

What really happened with in state recruiting in 2015? -dirtysouthbucks.

BG: Not sure there's any one answer. I'm going with the answer that it is an aberration, not a trend, and these things happen every so often. I do not see it happening next year at all.

Does Tracey Sprinkle return? -victor64.

BG: I have not followed it with a fine tooth comb, but it seems like it was not nearly as bad as first feared. I sure hope so, because he seemed like a really nice kid every time we talked.

osu is in on alot of really good players for the 2015 class, to make room for them do you see meyer going the route of just not renewing 5th year players? i counted 6 that he could do that with, Tommy Brown was one but he is now already gone. -sampsonthemighty.

BG: We haven't seen that at Ohio State under Meyer, although there has been attrition. I'm not sure that's what they want to do going forward. I would say NO, until we see evidence they are doing that.

Bill, Do you think that Ohio State about 5 or so years ago (pre Urban) got away from recruiting good tacklers on defense? Can Tyler Green tackle in space or is just a great athlete right now? -sphinxbuck.

BG: I don't think so, and I think poor tackling is what we see routinely in high school, college and the NFL. People just don't hit in practice like they used to, which hurts things. Plus, the way the game is being officiated today takes a lot of aggressiveness away from defenders. Tyler Green LOOKS like he should be a big hitter and great tackler, but his film does not show that he is.

Will we eventually end up with 4 16 team super conferences? -buckeyegospel.

BG: Yes, I really do. About five years ago, I remember a bunch of us standing around Jim Tressel after an OSU practice. This was before the conferences went crazy and blew up. He suggested this was where he saw college football eventually heading toward. I remember driving home thinking he was out in the sun too long, but I now think he was right on the money and could see where the sport was headed.

Do the Bucks get Liam Echinberg or is this another instate OL we wif on? -Rovers.

BG: The offensive line recruiting is going to be a battle, mainly because Ed Warriner is not a great recruiter, plain and simple. Eichenberg is a three-team battle between Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan, and the winner will be the assistant coach that forms the best relationship with Liam in the next few months. It's coin toss today, but Ohio State can win this one.

Bill, you have had the privilege of being around some of the greatest High school head coaches. Who in your opinion is light years above the rest? -bucknutsinurface.

BG: In Ohio, there are so many great high school coaches, that nobody dominates the rest of the field. Guys I think the world of are Chuck Kyle (one of the best of all-time), Steve Specht, Rick Finotti and John Rodenberg. But, if I have one game to win and my life is on the line, give me Brian White, from Hilliard Davidson. He has two state titles, and he NEVER has superior talent. NEVER. He can take his team and beat yours, then turn around and take your team and beat his. A football genius.

How will "6 star" Lamarcus Joyner do for the Rams? -victor64.

BG: His size is going to limit how great he can be, but his skill set fits the NFL perfectly. He has turned out to be the player I thought he would be from the day I first saw him. He has also matured into a fine young man, and it's been fun to watch these guys grow up. Covering his recruitment was a blast.

Have you fixed your slice? -victor64.

BG: LMAO. Yes, pretty much so. I'm getting better in every aspect, which I guess is the goal still today. I LOVE the game, but I'm happy where I'm at with my game. I have a ton of fun, and I'm as competitive as heck, but I don't live and die with my score. I know who I am.

Craziest recruiting story you've seen/heard? -teech.

BG: Literally, there are millions of them. I would say sitting down with someone and having them put figures to how much certain players were worth was staggering. Then, having the same person explain to me how schools are paying for players, without the player even knowing or getting a nickel. The booster/mentor relationship is fascinating, and would make for a best-seller. I hear it's 100X worse in hoops, but football is crazy enough for me.

How come you do not have your own TV show? It can be a like the baseball bunch with recruiting and high school sports. You can be the Huell Howser of the Midwest. -tgib31.

BG: Look at my picture bro. Definitely a radio type. LOL. I would love more television and radio opportunities, but recruiting is such a specialized industry. Not many opportunities, but I have to say I feel like I hit the lottery when I see what I'm doing today. Never dreamed this was remotely possible, and I've been with almost nine years to date. That is pretty amazing, and I thank God every day for my good fortune. I know I'm blessed.

Next Ohio 5 Star? -mikey36.

BG: How about Damien Harris?

What does your crystal ball say about EGW's future? What position does he project to? -buckeyebones.

BG: I just see him as too special with the football in his hands, but he could play cornerback. I think he is just as good offensively as Curtis Samuel or Dontre Wilson.

You're not going to Bleacher Report are you? -grant87.

BG: Couldn't get the test score. I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future. LOL.

Do you see Baker flipping back to Ohio State? -scarletgoblin24.

BG: If things fall apart for Will Muschamp at Florida and that staff gets fired, I can definitely see Jerome Baker rethinking things. I believe Ohio State would love to have him.

Who are the starting corners in 2016? With the depth we are building at these positions I am interested to see your thoughts on who will play and who won't. Obv a lot can change from now and then. -ufmeyer.

BG: I see Gareon Conley and Eli Apple as having the inside track as the starters, and I love the potential of both players. Damon Webb might be able to push these two, and Marshon Lattimore also has a world of talent. Now, none of these four guys have ever played a meaningful down of football yet, but they all have the skills to be really, really good.

What Scout reporter would make Nevada forget about Susanna Hoffs and make him want to be 30 again? -OSUwhore1.

BG: Not a Scout reporter, but Nevada has a picture of Barbara Walters in his Scout locker. True story. LOL.

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