Chicago Cubs

Kevin McCarthy starts his summer internship for NorthSidersReport.

Kevin McCarthy, a junior at the University of Illinois, is NorthsidersReport's summer intern and will be concentrating his writing on the big league club.

"A long, long time ago, in a suburb of Chicago not too far away, I was born with a love for sports that was beyond measure. Unfortunately, my athletic abilities did not match my affinity for the games I played. Sure the coaches on my high school sports teams would let me fill the water bottles for the other players on occasion, but beyond that, it was difficult to distinguish the difference between myself and a cheerleader. 

So I turned to what I was good at: writing and talking about sports. I’ve been doing just that ever since. I recently finished my sophomore year at the University of Illinois in Champaign. I’m studying broadcast journalism — most of my time is spent writing columns for our student newspaper, The Daily Illini, hosting a sports-talk radio show, and running between press conferences and interviews. 

Now, I’ll turn from writing about the Illini to the Cubs. This summer, I’ll be writing a variety of articles and columns as well as making a podcast for

I was able to read the MLB standings since before I started preschool so this is truly a dream-internship for me. I’m looking forward to a great summer of covering the north siders. It’s already shaping up to be quite the season. I know that’s not the first time somebody has said that in the last 107 years, but this year really is different. Or so I think… 

This is where you come in. If you have questions or comments for me, please reach out to me. Email me, tweet at me, or send a message via carrier pigeon — whatever works for you. I would love to get your feedback and ideas to make my work better as the Summer rolls along. Don’t be afraid to let me know if you disagree with me, honesty is always appreciated. It makes for fun email and Twitter conversations, too. 

It should be a fantastic summer. Look out for my name soon — I plan to publish my first few articles in the next couple of days. 

@KevOMcCarthy on Twitter."


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