2004 Iowa Cubs Photo Gallery: The Hitters

Inside, part two of Larry Woolis' 2004 photos of Iowa Cub players and prospects. Mr. Woolis has been the I-Cubs team photographer and a coaching assistant for over 20 years in Des Moines.<BR><BR> <B>Note</B>: Most all photos are cropped at a 300x300 ratio. Broadband connection recomended.

INF, #10 Gookie Dawkins

OF, #40 Jason Dubois

OF, Adam Greenberg

INF, #7 Denny Hocking

INF, #30 Micah Hoffpauir

OF, #21 Trenidad Hubbard

INF, #31 Russ Johnson

OF, #24 David Kelton

C, #5 Casey Kopitzke

INF, #37 Donny Leon

INF, Richard Lewis

C, #43 Fernando Lunar

OF, Calvin Murray

INF, #29 Bill Selby

INF, Matt Creighton

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