Hendry: Cubs Fought Too Many Battles

"I think at times we fought too many battles," Hendry said. "There were certain days issues were made of things that probably shouldn't have been, and they get blown out of proportion."

The Cubs had World Series hopes at the beginning of the year but could not even make the playoffs.

They endured a year in which they were in constant battles with umpires, media members and even their own TV announcers.

Through all the controversy, though, they were still a game and a half on top of the wild-card standings on Sept. 24 and then endured a 2-8 finish.

Whether it was for the good or bad, the Cubs shed their "Lovable Losers" image with some of their antics. Fans and media said the team whined too much and the players weren't very likable.

Cubs manager Dusty Baker said he liked the fire in his players.

But general manager Jim Hendry acknowledged that some of the Cubs' actions this season went over the top.

"I don't think anyone on the field had a lack of effort or concentration because of a disagreement with the broadcasters or someone else. I don't put any stock that it affected wins and losses. When things go bad, that's easy to make good copy on.

"The bottom line is the last 10 days of the season we did not get some runs when we could have and we didn't play our best baseball. I hate to look at it as being distractions because that's not the case."

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