Brenly: Can't Fool A Cubs Fan

Former Arizona manager Bob Brenly was hired to replace Steve Stone as the Cubs' TV analyst. That fueled some speculation that he could be on call to take over for manager Dusty Baker if the team falters.<p> After all, Brenly went from the booth in 2000 to the dugout in 2001 and won a World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

But the ex-manager signed a four-year deal to stay in the booth, and he said he has no interest in returning to the dugout.

"I am coming to be the TV analyst," he said. "I signed a four-year contract to do that, and I fully expect to fulfill the contract. I don't have any aspirations to go back on the field to be a manager.

"I'm perfectly content with my decision to go back as a broadcaster, and I'm looking forward to it."

Brenly worked as a coach under Baker, and the two have a solid relationship. At times in 2004, Stone and Baker were at odds.

Stone didn't feel the need to sugarcoat things on the air and prided himself on his honesty. Brenly said he would also be honest when assessing the Cubs.

"You can't fool a Cubs fan," he said. "They know their baseball very well. They know the personnel on their team probably as well as any group of fans in the country. You have to be honest. You have to be up front."

As for managing? Brenly's peak moment of winning the World Series was tempered in 2004 when he was fired during the season.

"It (managing) always looks good and looks easy and something that would look like fun," Brenly said. "At times it works out that way. At other times it doesn't. We had a situation in Arizona that quickly spun out of control and a lot of things were out of my control. Somebody had to take the fall for it and unfortunately I was that guy."

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