Spring Camp Q&A: Kyle Boyer

<B>MESA, Ariz.</B> — Kyle Boyer overcame early season struggles and alterations to his batting stance to hit above .300 for the eventual Northwest League champion Boise Hawks in 67 games last year. Boyer recently joined Inside The Ivy for a one-on-one interview.

Inside The Ivy: Kyle, tell us a little about your season last year. For starters, you began in Lansing and then went to extended spring training. What was the primary reason for that?

Kyle Boyer: I was going through some issues with my batting stance. Early in the season, I was crouching really low and they wanted me to stand up taller, so they sent me down to Mesa to work on that. I actually worked with Tom Beyers a lot there and then went to Boise where he was the manager. I really got into a groove and became comfortable with my stance. You know, I'm pretty much open to anything in terms of adjustments. Those guys know what they're doing and they're all professionals, so anything they're trying to do is to help me in the long run. If there was a time to get sent down, I'd rather it be earlier in the year than later. So far it's been a good spring and I'm swinging the bat well.

Inside The Ivy: Your approach seemed to work in Boise. Was there anything you did specifically that resulted in your success there?

Kyle Boyer: Basically, just the stance is all I really worked on; standing up taller and a little bit narrower. After the season at Boise, I was invited to an instructional league where I got to fine tune all the imperfections in the stance. I worked with Scott Servais and some of the things he said, and the way he approaches hitting, really seemed to click for me. I had certain drills that I was doing. He actually wrote that out on the schedule, so during the offseason I would continue to do those drills and it has carried over into the spring.

Inside The Ivy: What are some of the things you're currently working on this spring?

Kyle Boyer: It's still early, so we really haven't gotten too deep into things. From the live batting practice I'm taking, I'm trying to keep my hands inside the ball and not dip my back shoulder.

Inside The Ivy: Tell us a little about your college days at powerhouse Cal State and what you learned from them.

Kyle Boyer: Going in there, I obviously knew of their history and was excited. I didn't get many opportunities to play on a day-to-day basis my freshman and sophomore years. I wanted to be one of the starters, but it didn't work out that way for me in the beginning. I learned a lot about the game in high school and especially my first two years in college. At State, though, the game was a lot deeper than I thought, and immediately we learned about things such as situational hitting and bunting scenarios. I became real comfortable with the program those first two years, and by my junior season, it was real easy to step in and fill that starting center field position. It all worked out pretty good.

Inside The Ivy: What outfield position are you most comfortable with? Most of your starts last season came in right field.

Kyle Boyer: I'd say right now I'm more comfortable with right field, because I've been playing there the last two years with the Cubs. I did play center with Boise a time or two last season, so center and right are my two most comfortable spots. I feel I can play anywhere in the outfield, though.

Inside The Ivy: You also pitched in a game last season at Boise. Tell us a little about that.

Kyle Boyer: Yeah, I pitched once. I think it was June, and we were going through all the draft stuff and guys were being shuffled around a lot. There were only a couple of guys who could throw that night. The coaches were looking at the roster and as I was sitting on the bench, one of them asked, "Hey Boyer, can you throw strikes?" I told them "sure!" I then starting throwing what I thought was a slider and everyone was making fun of me. (laughs)

Inside The Ivy: What are some of the things you do in your spare time?

Kyle Boyer: I'm from southern California obviously, so I like to go to the beach a lot. I used to snowboard and surf, but I just enjoy any and all outdoor things like going to the beach.

Boyer was the Cubs' seventh round pick in the 2003 draft. He was originally selected in 2000 by the White Sox before attending college at Cal State-Fullerton. He is of no relation to Cardinals prospect Kyle Boyer.

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