Billy Petrick Feeling Good

MESA, Ariz. - Billy Petrick is considered one of the locals; a fan favorite. Petrick, a 2002 third round pick out of high school in Morris, Ill., some 60 miles southwest of the Windy City, grew up a Cubs fan and won 13 games pitching for Class-A Lansing last year.

"Things look really good for me this year," said Petrick, who fanned 113 batters in 24 starts a year ago. "My career has been going pretty good ever since I got drafted, and I keep moving up a step each year. I'm still young and the Cubs have taken their time with me. I feel good."

Petrick, as with former Cubs pitching prospect Andy Sisco, was recruited by Washington State University and then-Head Coach Mike Price to play football in Pullman, something Petrick says he politely declined.

"I'm from a big football town and everything," said Petrick. "I was a long-snapper in high school and I always thought going somewhere to play football right out of high school would be a big thing. They (Washington State) actually came out to my school to watch me play and offered me a chance to play both football and baseball. The Cubs just came up with a better offer."

So does Petrick think he's better off having skipped past college for a chance to go straight into the professional spotlight?

"I think so, yeah," he says reminiscing. "This is as good of a coaching staff as anywhere, and the chance to have this kind of coaching right away was very important. The Cubs have some great pitching coaches here and that's helped me a lot."

In addition to Petrick's 13 wins and 100-plus strikeouts a season ago, the right-hander allowed only three home runs for the entire year in 146 2/3 innings. (He allowed four at Boise in just 64 1/3 innings in 2003.)

"A lot of people say I have a sinking fastball, but I just think I try to keep the ball down a lot," Petrick said. "I don't really have one of those soft curveball's that hitters can hit out of the park, either. What I do have is a hard slider that I try to keep down. I also avoid giving hitters anything that is right down the middle, so I think my ability to keep the ball down was a big part of my success last year."

Asked what are some of the things he's fine-tuning this spring, Petrick replied, "For me, it's all about command. If I can keep good command on all three of my pitches - fastball, slider, changeup - I know I can definitely move up.

"I've always relied on my fastball, which is what got me here and what gets me out of many jams. On a two-strike pitch, though, I'm getting to where I can throw the slider and feel confident I'm going to get the guy at the plate. But I like punching guys out with the fastball."

At 6'6", 240 pounds, Petrick is an imposing presence on the mound. He uses it to his advantage.

"Having a little more weight and endurance behind me is a big thing," he said. "Having those hitters look at you and know you look a little meaner on the mound definitely gives you an advantage I think."

As with many pitchers, there's another thing Petrick uses to intimidate hitters: location.

"I like to throw well off the plate inside," Petrick said. "I show the hitter I can go there whenever I want."

Lastly, while Petrick calls the Land of Lincoln home, he says it took a devoted Texan to inspire his career the most.

"Nolan Ryan was the man," said Petrick. "That big leg kick he had, I always wanted to have one and I think that's where I get mine from. I also pitch with a leg kick, and I was always imitating him. I just kind of developed my own."

Petrick will turn 21 on April 29.

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